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Closing : tbc
Festival: tbc (was October in 2016)

This prestigious international festival was founded by Sir Peter Scott in 1982. It runs in Bristol every second year, alternating with a similar event held at Jackson's Hole in the USA. Though aimed mainly at professionals in the tv and cinema world it welcomes entries from independent film makers and has a newcomer award.

To qualify, productions must have an aspect of the natural world as the central focus such as revealing new facts about animal behaviour, a natural habitat, ecology, humankind's relationship with the natural environment and with animals.

Entries should initially be submitted on DVD (PAL) for the Nomination Panel. Finalists are asked to submit 2 Digital Betas, one of which will be returned and the other retained for the ARKive Collection. [Converting a MiniDV or DVCam tape to DigiBeta has a serious cost implication.]

The prizes, known as the Panda Awards, have several categories. The fees mostly start at 100, but for the Newcomer category it is 35and for a Campaign it is 50

Contact address: Wildscreen Festival Office, Ground Floor, The Rackhay, Queen Charlotte Street, Bristol, BS1 4HJ, UK


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