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Colours - part 2

Colour Wheel

A practical way of picking colours, which do look right together, is to use a colour wheel. This image shows one suitable for computers:

The colours on opposite sides of the wheel will look right together … thus here blue is the complement of yellow. Conversely Red and Orange (which are next to each other on this wheel) do tend to clash.

This wheel only shows a small selection of the colours available.

We tend to favour complimentary as a way of keeping the scheme simple and harmonious. However sometimes different shades of the same colour (a scheme known as mono) can look quite sophisticated.

A c olour wheel display for computer colours.
It is hard to visualise appropriate colours but fortunately, there are many interactive online displays that do show you various colour combination. One we like is http://colorschemedesigner.com which gives you a clear indication of what, for example, is meant by mono or complimentary.

One final tip is keep your colour palette limited, 3 or 4 colours is usually enough for most pages - too many and it starts to detract from the design and look 'busy'

The navigation menu

Somewhere on each page you will have a navigation menu with hyperlinks to all the key sections. As this, along with your logo, appears on every page it is a crucial part of the design. At its simplest, you do not of course have to have any design but merely a row of words:

Home   Programme   About Us   News

But this is not only boring but also is not likely to stand out amidst the rest of your excellent and impactful design. So at the very least consider putting them in a box with fill colour, maybe reverse it, give the edge some emphasis, or use a fancy font*. - see right ...

Our advice is to look around at lots of sites and see what catches your eye but make sure that the colour scheme and design fits in with the rest of the colours you have chosen.

A button-like link used for web page menu.

A button-like link used for web page menu.

A button-like link used for web page menu.
Clip-art websites are packed with fancy buttons you can use, but make sure they fit your page colour scheme.

*Note that using fancy fonts will require you make your hyperlink as a graphic (a JPEG) to make sure that you get what you want -many computers do not have these fonts accessible to the browser.

Other link shapes and designs can work:
Button like link.It does not have to be so squared-off or flat looking
Or you can use a film related designLink looking like a frame of film.

The colour wheel diagram is by DanPMK on Wikipedia and used under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License.
The SMPTE HD color bars are by (7 KB) Denelson83 on Wikipedia is in the Public Domain.

The Weebly Way

Tips on using colour in Weebly

Weebly offers a way  for absolute beginners to create good websites
easily and without cost. Our series on how to use it begins here.

Right arrow. Go to Colours part 1

Website Makeover Guides - Introduction

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Processing Pictures | Video | Presentation Pictures | Colours | Layout Principles | Layout Schemes | Fonts | What is SEO?
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A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Club Website with Weebly

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IAC Competition to find the Best Club Website 2011

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Page updated on 19 January 2011
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