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Planning the site

We want to layout a complete site plan which will reflect the importance of the various pages and hence determine how they are linked and accessed. Make a list of all the separate subjects/pages you want to include on the site and rate them for importance. Here are some examples of what I mean:


Importance rating

Where to put it

Email contact

1 & 2

Put on the Contact Us page but also include a link from the Home page
History of the club


Our heritage - Link from About Us
List of competition winners going back over the years


Link from the 'News' page
Who won the latest competition

2 (1?)

Put on the News page - maybe the front  (Home) page if it happened in the last few weeks
Location map

1 & 2

Link from Home page plus link from Contact us.
Latest evening

1 & 2

Short note on the Home page plus of course it will be listed on the Programme page
Previous years programme


Link from the Programme page to each year - 2009,2008, 2007 etc.
How we won the Triangle in 2001


Link from the Archive News page

Now go back to your piece of paper and draw in the next layer of pages. It should look something like this:

Tree diagram of web pages.


Consider the About Us menu item. Click that and you go to the page called "About Us". How do your visitors then get to the topics under it: Club History, List of Competition Winners and Club Member Profiles ?

  1. They could all be assigned hyperlinks from the About Us page. (We call them "Child Pages". They do not appear in the menu and can only be reached via the About Us page.)
  2. They could be assigned to a Sub-Menu, which appears only when visitors point their mouse at About Us.

Picture showing a horizontal sub-menu.

Picture showing a vertical sub-menu.

We have a slight preference for the second approach. Even before they read the About Us page, visitors are told that there are more pages to see. Some web design programs make it easy to create Sub-Menus and others do not. It is not worth struggling too hard to generate Sub-Menus. We suggest you go with whichever way suits your web design program.

The Weebly Way

Tips on making menus and sub-menus | Tips on Main and "Child" pages.

Weebly offers a way  for absolute beginners to create good websites
easily and without cost. Our series on how to use it begins here.

Right arrow. Go to Navigation

Go to Anchors & Links Right arrow.

Website Makeover Guides - Introduction

What Should the Content Be? | Navigation | Planning Navigation | Anchors & Links | Words | Getting Pictures | Getting & Using Pictures
Processing Pictures | Video | Presentation Pictures | Colours | Layout Principles | Layout Schemes | Fonts | What is SEO?
Search Engine Factors | Check Your Search Ranking | Stay Legal | Website Health Check | Website No Goes more to come ...

A Beginner's Guide to Creating a Club Website with Weebly

Don't Panic! | Signing up to Weebly | Making your first (elegant) page | Adding more pages and navigation
Adding pictures and words | Creating a complex Coming Soon Page | Adding Forms, Emails, Maps and Videos.

IAC Competition to find the Best Club Website 2011

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Page updated on 19 January 2011
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