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Columns in Weebly

In the article about Layout we suggest that columns are the best way to split up text, pictures, videos and so on. It takes a touch of imagination to make Weebly create columns.


It is easier to read text in columns.

People do not read web pages as they do books, rather they scan websites as they do newspapers. They look for anything of interest to themselves.

It makes good sense to split your web pages into columns just like a newspaper.

In Weebly

This aspect of Weebly has changed since our original tutorial was written. Now it is quite easy to organise your words and pictures into columns.

In the example below the theme was the menus on the left instead of at the top of the page. Then it splits the page into three columns ...

A web page created in Weebly with three content columns.

First three Title elements were dragged into place side by side. After the first one, the element being dragged appears on the page as a blue line. make sure it is on the same level as the previous one/s and drop it.

Follow the titles with Text or Image elements as required, dropped on the next row side-by-side.

By default the columns will be of equal width.

Click between the columns to display a line which can be dragged left or right as you wish to create different column widths.
As you work down the page adding elements drag the new ones into line with the previous ones.

TThere are nine pages in this series of detailed Weebly tips:

They support general articles on web design for film-making and AV club websites which begin here.

[Weebly frequently update and improve their system. These pages are based on tests in March 2015.]

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Page updated on 07 March 2015
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