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Pages in Weebly

The Navigation article recommends keeping pages short.
Depending on the web design program you use, it may be possible to create sub-menus for topics of lesser importance.
If any topic is unusually long it can be split over Continuation Pages.

Main and Child Pages

There does not seem to be a limit to the length of page you could produce, so be careful not to force readers to use the "page down" key more than a couple of times before they reach the end of any page. The Home Page should never be  more than two "page downs".

If any other Main Page includes material which requires more space, keep the Main Page short but link to a Sub-Menu or to Child Pages.

  • A Main Page is one which appears in the website menu, either on the Main Menu or on a Sub-Menu.
    (Some web design programs make it easy to create sub-menus others do not. See our note on menus in Weebly.)
  • If a Main Page contains an article so long that it needs to be split up - a long club history, for example - we call the follow-on pages Child Pages and they do not appear in any of the menus. Readers reach them using links on the relevant Main Page.

See it on our example website

Visit http://midlands-movies.weebly.com, go to the Members Page to see an example of using Child Pages. 

Child Pages in Weebly ...

The Weebly pages tab showing the 'include in menu' prompt.Click the Pages Tab and create a new page, but at the "Show in Navigation Menu?" prompt select "No". This stops the Child Page appearing in the menu.

Name it xyz-2 where xyz is the name of the Main Page on which the item begins. If you run to a third continuation call it xyz-3.

The Weebly pages tool showing a child page in the menu.Drag the new page under the relevant Main Page in the index list on the left, then click the Save button.

At the foot of the Main Page where the article or list begins, type "continued on page two" or just "next". Select those words and click the Create Link button on the paragraph toolbar. At the "Your Pages" prompt ... choose xyz-2 .

On each Child Page include links to

  • the Main Page on which the item begins.
  • the next Child Page in the article (if any)
  • any previous Child Page in the article

There are nine pages in this series of detailed Weebly tips:

They support general articles on web design for film-making and AV club websites which begin here.

[Weebly frequently update and improve their system. These pages are based on tests in March 2015.]

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Page updated on 07 March 2015
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