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The IAC 2015 AGM was hosted by SOCO in the Hotel Celebrity in Bournemouth, Dorset
on 22nd to 25th October. Photos provided by Keith Sayers.

Alan Creamer Linda Gough
Welcomes from Alan Creamer FACI (SOCO) and Linda Gough FACI(President).
Gala dinner Audience
The Gala dinner.
John Gibbs John Gibbs
John Gibbs FACI being decorated as our new Chairman.
Ashby Ball Brenda Troughton
Ashby Ball and Brenda Troughton receive their FACI fellowships.
Mermaid Mini Mermaid
Rita Hayes FACI receives the Mermaid award. Fran Haydon receives the Mini Mermaid.
AGM audience Harold Trills
AGM in progress.
Harold Trill FACI puts on a show of Super 8 films from our archive.