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BIAFF 2005 - Awards

Unlocking Young Minds 10 Doc Terry & Debbie Mendoza Essex
Tiddlers 13 Story Ron Prosser West Sussex
Transition 10 Doc Frank Lander Gloucestershire
November Song 13 Story John James, Robin Ingram & Tony Plumridge Middlesex
String Of Pearls 16 Doc Jim Closs Edinburgh
We Were Soldiers 15 Doc Tania Mathias Middlesex
Superduck And The Cloning Machine 5 Animation Simon Taylor Kent
The Phantom Of Milford St. Giles 15 Animation Norman Lilley, Circle Eight Film Group Surrey
Retribution 25 Story Poynton & Stockport Moviemakers Cheshire
The Grand Hall 33 Story Circle Eight Film Group Surrey
Intervention 2 Story Moushegh Baghdasaryan Armenia
Solovky - A Holy Land 17 Doc Petr Baran Czech Republic
Waldesglut 19 Doc Bernard Hausberger Austria
All Photographs Returned 15 Comedy Tomas Masupost Czech Republic
The Better The Harvest 18 Doc Jean Pierre Hué France
Exit 16 Story Vladimir Murtin The Netherlands
Together With Yoda 29 Doc Willy Van der Linden Belgium
Somewhere Up The Mountain 17 Doc Anita Gorgieska Macedonia
One Night In May 25 Story St Cuthberts Films Tyne & Wear
Deadly Quest 25 Comedy Ken Wilson/Phase 4 Yorkshire
A Blooming Event 10 Travel Ken & Jean McRonald, FACIs Dundee
A Stitch In Time 6 Comedy Ken & Jean McRonald, FACIs Dundee
A Voyage Of Discovery 15 Doc Ian Brown Middlesex
Smith, Gary 1 Comedy Barry Lockwood West Yorkshire
Endings 9 Story Peter & Richard Rouillard FACIs Guernsey
Treasure Trove 10 Travel John Astin Herts
Legacy Of The Lava 11 Travel John Astin Herts
The Diet 10 Animation Tana Fletcher Berks
A Sacred And A Sensual Space 9 Doc Marc Seccombe Doncaster
Eleanor's Quest 20 Drama Dave Windle Essex
The Spectral Army 3 Animation Alan Taylor Nottingham
Helena 23 Story Heron Productions Petersfield
Hubert's Travels 20 Story Finchley Cinevideo Society London
Broken Porcelain 12 Story Southport Movie Makers Lancs
Hong Kong: The City 3 Doc Tristam Thomas Somerset
Rendesvous 4 Animation Henryk & Katarzyna Lehnert Poland
Blue Camaro 6 Story Alex Szatmáry Canada
Faithfully Yours 20 Doc Tony Jacobs, Willy Van der Linden Belgium
Rebel 10 Animation Barry McKnigh+ Roger Cowland Australia
Blue Beard 15 Story ACiS8 Atelier Cine-Video France
Apokalypse 2000X 6 Experiment Horst Liebig Germany
Breaking The Rules 6 Comedy Gregor Erler Germany
Zwirbel's Dream 11 Story Volker Meyer-Dabisch Germany
Rose Dance 11 Animation Henning Hesse & Nils Eckhardt Germany
Night Move 13 Doc Holger Hendricks Germany
My Best Friend 25 Story Rotterdamse Video en Smalfilm Liga-filmteam Holland
Quality Time 2 Drama Jarle Bjorknes & Kim Henning Bjorheim Norway
Red Rock Blues 36 Story Halcyon Daze Productions U.S.A.
Jesus Freak 5 Music Simon Field & Simon Pain Kent
Biodynamic Man 17 Doc J. Philip Carr Kent
The Vanished Palace Of Otford In Kent 10 Doc Barbara Darby Kent
Uncle 12 Story David Herbert,Charles Crane West Sussex
In The Shadow Of Kilimanjaro 9 Doc Leo Ugo London
Life After Death 15 Doc Daphne M. Brown Herts
Return Ticket 14 Comedy Ken Wilson/Phase 4 Yorkshire
The Saffron Robe 15 Doc Ken & Jean McRonald, FACIs Dundee
A Voyage Of Discovery 33 Doc Desmond L. Knott, FACI West Sussex
Rusk 1 Comedy Laurie Calvert, Laurie Calvert Jnr & Jonathan Calvert Essex
Tail 4 Animation Barry Lockwood West Yorkshire
Monster 18 Story Dewsbury Arts Group West Yorkshire
A Quiet Country Lane 12 Doc Paul Chater Worcester
Memories Of The Mill 14 Doc John Isles Yorkshire
Le Lac et La Mont 13 Holiday Gordon Sharp Clitheroe, Lancs
Gentle Giants 14 Doc Daphne Barbieri, LACI Dundee
You Oughtta Be In Pictures 3 Comedy Graham Large Middlesex
Try A Little Tenderness 6 Comedy Gordon Bullock Coventry
Welcome To Holy Trinity 12 Education Peter Copestake Lancs
The Trees are singing My Music 19 Doc Marc Seccombe Doncaster
The Weather Man   Doc Paul Desmond & Ian Craig Witham
Oradour Sur Glane 9 Doc Dave Windle Essex
The Spirits Of Brooklands 10 Doc Circle Eight Film Group Surrey
Internal Exiles 50 Story Portsmouth Video Makers Portsmouth
A Woman Scorned 12 Comedy Perth Camcorder Club Scotland
Whose Round? 1 Comedy Edinburgh Cine & Video Society Edinburgh
Shapnole Forest 13 Drama Channel 7 Productions St. Neots
Out Of Order 11 Drama Southampton Video Camera Club Southampton
2.68 12 Story Tanel Toom Estonia
Look Left 14 Story Andrew Marsh, Rob Al-Issa, & Matt Webb Dorset
Madeline 5 Comedy Henry Everett Devon
The Caretakers 5 Drama Vanice Scott & Daniel Nickson Manchester
Leaf Love 4 Animation Alex Szatmáry Canada
Two Weeks With Blackbirds 6 Doc John Sirett Australia
Fiery Nature 13 Doc Jean Pierre Hué France
Dickens And Daughter 23 Doc Barbara & Bernhard Zimmermann Germany
Pal: Portrait Of A Serial Screenwriter 7 Comedy Pċl Aasdal Norway
The Source 20 Story Frans Ruzicka Belgium
Apel 6 Story Grzegorz Gawron Poland
Success Is Mine 8 Comedy Ly Bolia U.S.A.
Terror From Beyond Space 5 Comedy Hugh Darrington Kent
End Game 12 Drama Ken Wilson/Phase 4 Yorkshire
Gone To Pot 14 Doc Pat Lawrence Tayside
David, A Modern Day Poet 18 Doc Paul Chater Worcester
Lepidoptera 1 Animation Albert Noble Derbyshire
A Knight To Remember 8 Story Ron Prosser West Sussex
Above The Clouds 10 Doc Alex Dove Hampshire
Summer Garden 12 Doc Tim Jones Kent
Happy Conclusion!!! 8 Comedy Alan Colegrave, ARPS Middlesex
FPSO Bonga 18 Doc Royden Whyte, FACI Tyne & Wear
The Creative Blacksmith 10 Doc Gordon Sharp Clitheroe, Lancs
Barnacle Geese At Caerlaverock 8 Doc Pauline Johnson Scotland
Safe Home For Sandmartins 5 Doc Daphne Barbieri, LACI Dundee
Pinstripe 7 Story Angus Allan Dundee
Festival Street 5 Doc Jim Closs Edinburgh
After The Herds 10 Doc A. Jordan Isle of Man
"Telling Tales" Half Open Drawer 10 Drama Paul Guntrip, Margaret Rogers Paddock
Abbott Street Forge 20 Doc David Barnes, LACI Wimbourne
Man Flies 14 Doc Frank Baker Cheshire
Flat Out 8 Story Fred Wells Leeds
Diwali - Festival Of Light 3 Doc Archie R. Reid County Antrim
Waterways Revolution 13 Doc Gerry Bishop Warwickshire
Spaces 10 Horror Dan Logan, Ross Olivey, & Ed Roberts-Graver Cambridge
Departure 8 Drama Anthony Michael Taylor Sunderland
I Spy 8 Story Stoke Cine & Video Society Staffs
Burma Star 13 Doc St Albans Movie Makers Herts
Vermin 16 Story A.W.Wood & N. Peever Cheshire
The Tent Repitched 38 Doc Southport Movie Makers Lancs
The Final Parade 8 Doc Huddersfield Video & Cine Club Huddersfield
Temptation 5 Story Derby Movie Makers Leicester
Toc, toc qui est la? 7 Animation Sonia Ashbee France
The Changing Of The Guard 5 Drama Josh Purcell & Dwight Archer Manchester
The Heroes Are Gone 8 Story James Stier South Yorkshire
Prelude 17 Story Tonu Aru Estonia
Broken Diamond 4 Music Alex Szatmáry Canada
Silent Knights 12 Story Alex Szatmáry Canada
I Will Be Reborn 20 Story Tonu Aru Estonia
M 20 Story Michal Pandula Czech Republic
Kangaroo Valley 9 Doc Margo Hallett Australia
The Hebridies Overture 7 Doc Willy Van der Linden Belgium
A Grampian Odyssey 18 Travel Bill Bain Scotland
Puggie 12 Story Bill Bain Scotland
Emergency call-out 13 Comedy Hugh Darrington Kent
The Big Red One 13 Comedy Hugh Darrington Kent
Maggots And Chocolate Gateau 9 Holiday John Seal Somerset
Alcatraz 12 Doc Arthur Gatcum Essex
A Summer's Day 4   Robert Paget Gloucestershire
Reflections At A Wedding 4 Music Derek Brown Newcastle/Tyne
Willy's Big Adventure 12 Story Geoff Welch Cheshire
Saved By A Whisker 7 Comedy Ken & Jean McRonald, FACIs Dundee
Patience Rewarded 5 Comedy Roy Johnston Bucks
Monsters of The ID 11 Animation Laurie Calvert Essex
No Thanks, Not Me 10 Comedy Colin Jones Kent
A Different "Day Out" 8 Doc Colin Lamb Lancs
Boys Toys 7 Doc Colin Lamb Lancs
The Beat Of The Drum 8 Doc Ken Martin London
A Breath Of Fresh Air 3 Comedy Peter & Richard Rouillard, FACIs Guernsey
The Magic Skateboard 9 Story Lee Prescott Gloucestershire
Seals Of The Namibian Coast 13 Doc Ivan & Dave Houghton Herts
A Fond Farewell 14 Doc Karen Cherrington/Partners Productions Middlesex
A Walk Through Paradise 8 Doc Graham Mathews Wirral
Lakeland Camping Barns 3 Advert John Chaplin Hants
Kirri Den Ducks 5 Doc William G. Hamper Angus
Vietnam Afloat 7 Holiday Andrew Tweed Herts
Lacock Revisited 10 Doc Cliff Steanson Tyne & Wear
Rainbow Calypso 3 Interlude Michael H. Camps Isle of Wight
Flight Of Fancy 10 Story Paul Desmond & Ian Craig Witham
An American Hero 10 Doc Paul Desmond Witham
The Changing Face Of Torquay's Inner Harbour 24 Doc W. James Gill South Devon
The Branch 10 Doc Andrew Tweed Herts
Voice - Mail 4 Comedy Dawn A. Rogers Huddersfield
In Sickness And In Health 5 Music Samuel Hook Essex
Concealment 10 Drama Anthony Michael Taylor Sunderland
Bag Lady 16 Drama Medway Camcorder Club Kent
The Duel 17 Story Stroud Video Makers Gloucestershire
You Used To Get Three 17 Story Evesham Movie Makers Club Worcestershire
Crackers 9 Story Perth Camcorder Club Scotland
From Darkness Into Light 20 Doc Perth Camcorder Club Scotland
Name And Shame 18 Story Altrincham Video Society Cheshire
Helping Hands 2 Comedy Valley Films Kent
True Dreams 3 Story John Williams, Kevin Childs & Simon Holder Devon
American Beauty 3 Story Jordan Sullivan, David Wilson, & Abi Horton Devon
No Dowry No Date 7 Drama Girlz N Da Hood Govan, Scotland
Native Roots 8 Animation Active Abriachan Group and Golspie High School Scotland
Reunion 10 Story Tonu Aru Estonia
The Price To Pay 22 Comedy Franz Bardiaux Belgium
Venus And The Flytrap 6 Doc John Sirett Australia
Surfside Sculpture 5 Doc John Sirett Australia
Just Before 1 Doc Jean Pierre Hué France
In The Blood 10 Doc John Wilson Australia
My Shortest Movie 5 Comedy Oskar & Daniela Siebert Germany
Sensual Art 1 One Willy Van der Linden Belgium
A Pulp Fiction Tale 3 Story Bill Bain Scotland
The 9th Candle 19 Story Bill Bain Scotland
Fallen Angels of St Peters 3 Doc R.H. Jarrett Kent
Welcome To Our Home 4 Doc Peter Hughes Kent
Samhein: Chanted Evening 16 Doc Richard Steele,One Shot Productions Staffs
Fellow Feeling 1 Comedy Colin Jones Kent
A Chinese Garden 4 Doc Colin Lamb Lancs
Switzerland with "Great Rail Journeys" :1998 25 Doc Peter Worden Lancs
Touching The Sky 22 Doc Graeme Webb London
Raiders 13 Comedy Alex Dove & Mary Dove Hampshire
Chimenea 5 Comedy Laurie & Susan Miller Middlesex
The Pyrenees, 3 Cirques (And A Bit) 12 Doc John Chaplin Hants
It's Magic 3 Doc John B. Parkes Herts
Lucy's Poem 3 Family John B. Parkes Herts
RIAT 2004 62 Doc Brian Ball Wiltshire
Odyssey 4 Animation Frank Baker Cheshire
Petey The Snake 3 Comedy Peter Jeffery Leicester
Visions Of The Future 9 Comedy Stroud Video Makers Gloucestershire
The Singing Vagabonds 4 Comedy Shooters Hill Cine & Video Society Kent
The Other Me 12 Comedy Teign Cine & Video Club South Devon
The Potato Film 25 Comedy Ivishcot Productions Worcestershire
Idioteque 7 Story Robin La Tragna,Jamie Humphries, Jamie Hanley, Ki Standley Devon
Love In Plastic 4 Animation Naomi Harding & Camille Norman-Ross Guernsey
Aston Bob 10 Doc Piers Vernon-Kell Surrey
Bach Brief 6 Music Ron Cooper Australia
Anton - Story Of A Beggar 36 Doc D.O.P. - Productions Denmark

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