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Still from '925'. Still from 'A Man, A Desert'. Still from '#%#&& Students!'. Still from 'As Long As I Breathe - Im Alive'
925 A Man, A Desert #%¤§&½ Students! As Long As I Breathe
- I'm Alive
Entry by: Entry by an individual. = individual Overseas entry. = overseas Junior entry. = junior Youth entry. = youth Club entry. = club
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Youth entry. 925 5 Experimental Liam Treacy Lancashire
Overseas entry. #%¤§&½ Students! 6 Comedy Karin Wiklund, K-G Stenborg, Marianne Svensson
and Per Einarsson
Overseas entry. A Man, A Desert 11 Documentary Emmanuel Dubois France
Overseas entry. As Long As I Breathe - I'm Alive 14 Reportage Fritz Flugemann Germany
Entry by an individual. Bed, The 9 Story Ken Wilson Wakefield
Junior entry. Betrayal 13 Drama Rob Frost W Yorkshire
Club entry. Blindfold at Dawn 15 Drama Preston Movie Makers Preston
Junior entry. Breakout, The 15 Comedy drama Nicholas Ogden and Luke Ogden London
Entry by an individual. Cabbages and Condoms 6 Documentary Doreen Williamson Derbyshire
Entry by an individual. Caller, The 7 Drama Paul Bagshaw Southport
Youth entry. Canned Spirit 3 Documentary Hamish Anderson and Tom Coulson Gloucestershire
Entry by an individual. Cat Juggling 1 Comedy Tim Jones Canterbury
Entry by an individual. Celeste 5 Horror animation Laurie, Laurie Jnr and Jonathan Calvert Essex
Club entry. Census Taker, The 6 Story Spring Park Film Makers Kent
Overseas entry. Cry, The 12 Story Eric Vanoverschelde Belgium
Junior entry. Day in the Spinney, A 3 Animation Wooton, Dry Sandford, Marcham
and Radley Primary Schools
Entry by an individual. Discovering Robert 15 Documentary Ian Brown Middlesex
Still from 'Encounters with John Wesley'. Still from 'Escalator'. Still from 'First Flighthour'. Still from 'Finding the Holy Grail?'
Encounters with John Wesley Escalator First Flighthour Finding the Holy Grail?
Club entry. Encounters with John Wesley 25 Drama/doc Bristol Film and Video Society Bristol
Youth entry. Escalator 9 Fiction Brennig Hayden (Director)
and Lucy Lawson-Duckett (Producer)
Entry by an individual. Fallen Angels 17 Documentary John Gannaway Surrey
Entry by an individual. Father, I Have Sinned! 2 Comedy Aivar Kaulins FACI Middlesex
read more Overseas entry. Finding the Holy Grail? 31 Documentary Werner Van den Bulck Belgium
Entry by an individual. First 900 Years, The 68 Documentary Noel Adamson Newcastle Upon Tyne
read more Overseas entry. First Flighthour, The 6 Comedy Thomas van der Gronde Netherlands
Still from 'For Arts Sake'. Still from 'Highland Fling'. Still from 'Motion'. Still from 'Is Atherstone Losing It'.
For Art's Sake Highland Fling Motion Is Atherstone Losing It?
Entry by an individual. For Art's Sake 34 Thriller Howard-Smith Kidderminster
Youth entry. French Cheese 3 Travelogue Alex Szatmáry Canada
Entry by an individual. Gillian 22 Story Heron Productions Petersfield
Overseas entry. Glimpse of Iceland, A 20 Documentary Jim Closs Edinburgh
Entry by an individual. Glory in the Skies 2 Music Geof Caudwell Derby
Club entry. Gloucester 2007 31 Documentary Gloucester Cine and Video Club Gloucester
Overseas entry. Gorok 17 Story Tsvetan Naydenov Bulgaria
Overseas entry. Gossip Blues 8 Comedy Emmanuel Duchez France
Entry by an individual. Green Room, The 7 Documentary Steven Lancefield Chichester
Entry by an individual. Highland Fling 20 Documentary Bruce Frazer Fife
Entry by an individual. Home Wine Making 8 Story Ken Mills Middlesex
Junior entry. Hooray for Fish 14 Documentary St Nicolas' CE Primary School Oxon
Entry by an individual. House of Prayer 41 Documentary John Howden Essex
Entry by an individual. I'm What?! 1 Comedy Billy Ellwood County Durham
Entry by an individual. Instant Art Co., The 1 Spoof Ron Barnes Berkshire
read more Overseas entry. Is Atherstone Losing It? 9 Documentary Patrick Woodcock France
Entry by an individual. Journey Back in Time on the Isle of Man, A 19 Documentary Keith G Grierson Dumfries
Overseas entry. Jupitaze 8 Documentary Erwin Sprenger Austria
Youth entry. Just a Game 6 Gangster action Sam Hill, Ben Weeks, Leslie Wai
and Jay Langridge
W Sussex
Overseas entry. Last Sacrament, The 19 Story Tsvetan Naydenov and Evdokia Georgieva Bulgaria
Still from 'Nothing'. Still from 'The Other World of Meredith'. Still from 'Painters Pointers'.
Nothing The Other World of Meredith Painter's Pointers
Overseas entry. Lizenzausgaber zum Töten
(Licensed Edition to Kill)
20 Comedy Katja Kobold Germany
Entry by an individual. Llangollen Railway 8 Documentary Carl Brandwood and Peter Axford Cheshire
Entry by an individual. Lockout 2 Comedy Mike Hobbs Essex
Youth entry. Lost Princess, The 9 Drama The Goole Silent Movie Harrogate
Entry by an individual. Man and the Peak Landscape 11 Documentary Doreen Williamson Derbyshire
Entry by an individual. Mike Sandell's Jenny Wren 5 Documentary Peter Ellis Kent
Entry by an individual. MLT Story, The 33 Documentary Trax Video Members Kent
Entry by an individual. Modern Potato Production 9 Documentary J M Pearce Essex
Youth entry. Motion 5 Exp fiction Robin Whenary Devon
Entry by an individual. Motorbike Invasion [watch] 4 Time lapse Mark Rigler Dorset
Overseas entry. Nero su Bianco (Black on White) 10 Documentary Rolf Mandolesi Italy
Entry by an individual. Nothing[watch] 3 Music Mark Rigler Dorset
Entry by an individual. Off the Beaten Track 10 Travelogue Trevor Ermel Tyne and Wear
Club entry. Off the Wall 11 Comedy Circle Eight Film Group Surrey
Club entry. Oh Happy Day 15 Story Cleethorpes Camera Club Cleethorpes
Overseas entry. Omnis Mundi Creatura 5 Experimental Juergen Danssmann Germany
Entry by an individual. Other World of Meredith, The 72 Mystery James Chalmers Cheshire
Junior entry. Our Comenius Eco Code 2 Animation Uffington CE Primary School Oxon
Overseas entry. Painter's Pointers 6 Documentary Mark Levy USA
Entry by an individual. Painting Pals in the Derwent Valley 13 Documentary Noel Adamson Newcastle Upon Tyne
Overseas entry. Panopticon 5 Drama Sten Rosendahl Sweden
Entry by an individual. Pantanal Paradise 13 Natural history Daphne Barbieri Dundee
read more Overseas entry. Passion for the Wind 5 Documentary Thomas van der Gronde Netherlands
Junior entry. Perception 11 Documentary Matthew Copson Oxford
Youth entry. Peter Please 6 Horror Leanne Chorekdjian and Tiffany Paul London
Entry by an individual. Practical Solutions 7 Documentary Maurice and Pat Adcock Derby
Entry by an individual. Proud Heritage, A 14 Documentary Aivar Kaulins FACI Middlesex
Junior entry. Recycle for Life 2 Animation Jake MacLean Leicestershire
Youth entry. Richard Thorpe's Cosmic Family Reunion 11 Dramatised documentary Ronak Ved and Richard Thorpe Derby
Still from 'Rocket Science'. Still from 'Tentboy'. Still from 'Tick'.
Rocket Science Tentboy Tick
Junior entry. Rocket Science 6 Sci-fi Q Club Derby
read more Entry by an individual. Secrets 15 Story Phil Martin Ascot
Entry by an individual. Slad Valley Wildlife Way 9 Documentary Bryan Adcock Cheltenham
Youth entry. Split Ends 2 Drama - horror Amy Clarke Liverpool
Entry by an individual. Sticky End, A 15 Animation Arthur Bates Morayshire
Youth entry. Story of Big Littlefeet, The 4 Comedy K. Brimson Films London
Entry by an individual. Ten Minutes Tops 10 Story Simon Woolf Barnet
Entry by an individual. Tentboy 8 Comedy James Webber Middlesex
Junior entry. Tick 6 Sci-fi Chris Hetherington Malvern
Entry by an individual. Tripped Up 16 Comedy Ken Wilson Wakefield
Junior entry. Underground Village, The 8 Documentary Matthew Copson Oxford
Overseas entry. Waiting for Godot 7 Story (tragicomic) Willy Van der Linden Belgium
Overseas entry. War Hero 16 Drama Alex Szatmáry and Andre Ciere Canada
Overseas entry. We Do Remember 5 Documentary Cascade Film Studio Russia
Entry by an individual. Welcome to Wimbourne 18 Documentary David Barnes and George Beesley Dorset
Entry by an individual. Who Needs Florida! 5 Nat hist doc. Pat Lawrence Dundee
Club entry. Zombies and Co 1 Public Information Team TV Reading
Still from 'The Underground Village'. Still from 'Waiting for Godot'. Still from 'Secrets'.
The Underground Village Waiting for Godot Secrets

Award       meaning very roughly ...


needs more thought and skill.


shows promise but requires greater discipline, care and attention.


well made, technically competent, keeps our interest and/or entertains.


exceptionally well-made, entertains, makes us care / learn / think.


the best, outstanding movies.
    ♦     world class.

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