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Still from 'After
  the Bus had Gone'. Still from 'Baidarka'. Still from 'The
  Bear Behind'. Still from ''Chocolate Moon'. Still from
  'Eric Mein Freund'.
After the Bus
had Gone
Baidarka The Bear Behind Chocolate Moon Eric Mein Freund
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  by an individual. = individual Overseas entry. = overseas Junior entry. = junior Youth entry. = youth Club
  entry. = club
Clickable links web button = the film's website read more = a "making of" article Video can be seen in Bijou Biaff button.= watch it in Bijou BIAFF 2011
Overseas entry. 100 Metres Away from Meeting Place 10 Drama Park Kyu-bum South Korea
Link to watch movie. read more Entry by an individual. After the Bus Had Gone 5 Documentary Michael Gough FACI(M) Sunderland
Entry by an individual. Baidarka 20 Documentary Daphne Barbieri Dundee
Overseas entry. Bakri 13 Horror Willy Van der Linden Belgium
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Bear Behind, The  4 Comedy Robert Lorrimer West Yorkshire
Entry by an individual. Cash Back 34 Thriller Howard-Smith Kidderminster
Link to watch movie. read more Youth entry. Chocolate Moon 22 Comedy Mike Donaghy & Alex Moran Merseyside
Overseas entry. Coveted Islands 10 Travelogue Suzy Sommer Luxembourg
Entry by an individual. Darker Shade of Red, A 59 Drama Geoff Harmer Basingstoke
Entry by an individual. Delta 32 15 Documentary Clive Atkins FRPS Sutton Coldfield
Entry by an individual. Disappearing Sisters  8 Documentary Richard and Brenda Troughton Kent
Entry by an individual. Durango & Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, The 10 Documentary Brian Ratcliffe Loughborough
Entry by an individual. Duty to the Future, A 15 Documentary John Astin LACI Hertfordshire
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Eric Mein Freund 20 Drama Bruce Partleton Canterbury
Still from 'A Gentle Woman'. Still from 'George Moores Red and the Wolf'. Still from 'Happy Cloud'. Still from 'Ich -(I)'. Still from 'Johnnys Pigs'.
A Gentle Woman George Moore's
Red and the Wolf
Happy Cloud Ich (I) Johnny's Pigs
Link to watch movie. read more Entry by an individual. Gentle Woman, A 16 Drama Phil Martin Ascot
Link to watch movie. read more Junior entry. Red and the Wolf  4 Animation George Moore Norfolk
Link to watch movie. Youth entry. Happy Cloud 5 Animation Worthing Youth Media Worthing
Overseas entry. I Am Who I Am 15 Fiction Willy Van der Linden Belgium
read more Overseas entry. Ich? (I?) 6 Fiction Saladin Dellers Switzerland
Overseas entry. Idylle 24 Story Urbain Appeltans Belgium
Overseas entry. Intruding on Imaginary Lives 25 Drama François Verhulst & Christine De Pauw Belgium
Overseas entry. It Can Happen to Anyone ... 15 Documentary Fritz Flügemann Germany
Link to watch movie. read more Entry by an individual. Johnny's Pigs 12 Documentary Jill Lampert Birmingham
Entry by an individual. Lathkill Dale Back to Nature 13 Documentary Peter J Durnall Stoke on Trent
Entry by an individual. Level Crossing, The 2 Story Bill Gover Northwich
Still from 'Intruding on Imaginary Lives'. Still from 'Limelight'. Still from 'Marivanna'. Still from 'Mary Miners'. Still from 'Minoucosmos'. Still from 'Montague Jack'.

Intruding on
Imaginary Lives



Mary and
the Miners


Montague Jack

Entry by an individual. Life at the Hawth #4 28 Story Gavin Beesley Crawley
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Limelight 14 Comedy Geoff Harmer Basingstoke
Entry by an individual. Look Away Now 4 Art Video Paul Bagshaw Merseyside
Link to watch movie. Overseas entry. Marivanna 6 Animation Olga Petrova Germany
Link to watch movie. Junior entry. Mary and the Miners 6 Animation Cantref Primary School Monmouthshire
Link to watch movie. Overseas entry. Minoucosmos 7 Documentary Alain Boyer France
read more Club entry. Montague Jack 58 Drama Wimborne Minster Cine & Video Club Dorset
Entry by an individual. Mules of the Canyon 4 Documentary Graham Large Middlesex
web button Overseas entry. Nächte der Schatten (Shadow Nights) 7 Poetry / Art Werner Manfred Vondracek Austria
Overseas entry. Nature Alive 19 Documentary Marti Arañó Oller Spain
Overseas entry. Nest Egg ...Golden Egg 20 Narrative The Space Between USA
Club entry. New Hall Vineyard 18 Documentary Colchester Film Makers Club Colchster
Club entry. Next Life, The 21 Drama Channel 7 Productions St. Neots
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Peter Deighan,
Internationally Renowned Artist
14 Documentary Paul Desmond Essex
Entry by an individual. Prelude to Macbeth 53 Drama James Chalmers & Sue Bence Cheshire
Club entry. Quiet Return.., A? 8 Documentary Ken Geen (Cardiff Recording Club) Cardiff
Club entry. Remembering Ted 6 Animation Circle Eight Film Group Surrey
Overseas entry. Rose Castle, The Complete Adventure 26 Fantastic Emmanuel Duchez France
Still from 'The Next Life'. Still
		    from 'Shadow Nights'. Still
		    from 'Remembering Ted'. Still
		    from 'Rubble Bubble'. Still from 'Seoul Pearl of Asia'.
The Next Life Shadow Nights Remembering Ted Rubble Bubble Seoul - Pearl
of Asia
Link to watch movie. read more Entry by an individual. Rubble Bubble 5 Documentary Michael Gough FACI(M) Sunderland
Overseas entry. Seoul - The Pearl of Asia 14 Documentary Oskar Siebert Germany
Link to watch movie. Overseas entry. Simon 20 Drama Samuel Faict Belgium
Link to watch movie. Youth entry. Sky Hook 7 Film Noir Tom Marshall Oldham
Entry by an individual. Toothache 3 Animation Arthur Bates Morayshire
Entry by an individual. Tunisian Tapestry, A 12 Travelogue John Astin LACI Hertfordshire
Entry by an individual. Two Paintings From the Year of My Birth 14 Documentary Paul Bagshaw Merseyside
Club entry. Unfounded Rumours 21 Drama Spring Park Film Makers Kent
Link to watch movie. Entry by an individual. Useful Dog, A


Documentary Jim Closs Edinburgh
Entry by an individual. Wartime Weekend 12 Documentary Derek Mathieson FACI Co. Durham
read more Overseas entry. What is my True Self! 21 Inspirational Yoo Young Uee South Korea
Overseas entry. Zartbitter Bis Edelsüss 11 Documentary Erwin Sprenger Austria
Still from 'Simon'. Still
		    from 'Sky Hook'. Still from 'Unfounded Rumours'. Still from 'A Useful Dog'.
Simon Sky Hook Unfounded
A Useful Dog

Award       meaning very roughly ...

1-star image.

needs more thought and skill.

2-stars symbol.

shows promise but requires greater discipline, care and attention.

3-stars symbol.

well made, technically competent, keeps our interest and/or entertains.

4-stars symbol.

exceptionally well-made, entertains, makes us care / learn / think.

5-stars symbol.

the best, outstanding movies.
diamond symbol. world class.

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