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Still from 'Witchboy Teaser Trailer No. 2'.'.

Witch-Boy: Teaser-trailer No 2.

Entry by: Entry by
	an individual. = individual Overseas
	entry. = overseas Junior entry. = junior Youth entry. = youth Club
	entry. = club

Spacer. Spacer. Spacer. Overseas entry Air the Hen in the Sun! 10 documentarySpacer. Emmanuel DuchezSpacer. FranceSpacer.

Youth entry
drama-doc Oliver V. Smith, Bethany Leitch & Devon E. Barnett Fortrose

Indiv entry
Central Heating Symphony
reportage Bruce Whitehall Surrey

Indiv entry
Day & Night 3
music Alan Taylor Nottingham

Club entry
Game of Voices, A 3
comedy Cardiff Recording Club / Ken Geen Cardiff

Indiv entry
 Host 10
horror John Williams Staffordshire

Indiv entry
 Ju Bear Lee 2
comedy Susan Jean Moore Denbigh

Indiv. entry
 Today's the Day 2
animation Susan Jean Moore Denbigh

Indiv. entry
 Witch-Boy: Teaser-trailer No 2. 1 one-minute Eric Jukes Enfield

Indiv. entry
 Woody and the Captain 11
comedy Howard Johnson West Sussex

One Star means...

  Work at this level shows little understanding of the basics of film-making. It may for example have unsteady photography or problems with exposure, obvious distortions of sound or unattractive abrupt changes. It may lack understanding of the conventions of editing. The film may typically lack effective story or structure and fail to engage the viewer.

Clearly each rating will inevitably cover a range of attainment levels, and will be subjective to some degree; film is a work of art not science.
Please also be aware that the general standard of films drifts over time.

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Page updated on 26 March 2013
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