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Still from 'I Need a Vacation'.
I Need a Vacation
Still from 'You Cannot See'.
You Cannot See
Still from 'W.R.A.T.H.'.

Entry by: Entry by
	an individual. = individual Overseas
	entry. = overseas Junior entry. = junior Youth entry. = youth Club
	entry. = club
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      title min genre author / film maker from
    Individual entry. The Double Header
6 Documentary Ian MacDonald Wigtownshire
    Overseas entry I Need a Vacation 5 Comedy Ned Cordery USA
    Club	entry.

It's a Small Thing

1 Comedy The 'A' Team


    Entry by	an individual.

Silent Woods

48 Horror/Comedy

Marc Matthews and Alan Maguire

Republic of Ireland

    Entry by	an individual.

South Georgia

11 Documentary

Alan Hodgson


  Junior entry.


5 Horror

Dominick Vigor-Salkeld

    Entry by	an individual.

Yesterday's Britain

5 Documentary

Ken Martin


  Entry by	an individual.

You Cannot See

33 Public Awareness

Support in Mind Scotland Life Skills Project Drama Group


One Star means...

  Work at this level shows little understanding of the basics of film-making. It may for example have unsteady photography or problems with exposure, obvious distortions of sound or unattractive abrupt changes. It may lack understanding of the conventions of editing. The film may typically lack effective story or structure and fail to engage the viewer.

Clearly each rating will inevitably cover a range of attainment levels, and will be subjective to some degree; film is a work of art not science.

Please also be aware that the general standard of films drifts over time.

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