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BIAFF 2016

Only one large cinema is in use on Sunday.
The winners of the  Best of British Award and of the top award, The Daily Mail Challenge Trophy,
are announced at the end of the day.

Screening 1

Still from 'Where the  Guilt Lies'.
Where the Guilt Lies**
5-Stars, 28 mins, drama
Howard-Smith, Worcestershire.

Screening 2

Still from  'De Loods (The Warehouse)'.
De Loods (The Warehouse)

Diamond, 14 mins, drama
Kurt Velghe, Belgium.

Screening 3

The IAC Logo.
Promo for future IAC Events
5 mins

Screening 4

Still from 'Mr. Snuggles'.
Mr. Snuggles
4-Stars, Best One Minute Movie, 1 min, comedy
Richard Anthony Dunford, Sussex.
Still from 'Srehcteks Nabru eht Evil Gnol!.
Srehcteks Nabru eht Evil Gnol!
[Long Live the Urban Sketchers ! ]
Diamond,3 mins, reportage
Werner Van den Bulck, Belgium.
Still from 'Greece is the Word'.
Greece is the Word
5-Stars, The Music House Award, 8 mins, comedy
Tim Stannard, Surrey.
Still from  'Geheimnisvolle Pegnitzaeun'.Geheimnisvolle Pegnitzauen (The Mysterious Pegnitz Wetlands)
Diamond, Best Photography, 17 mins, nature
Georg Bock, Germany.
Still from 'Seeking Sydney'.
Seeking Sydney
Diamond, Best Documentary, 26 mins,
Tim Jones, Kent.
Still from  'Until the Day Breaks'.
Until the Day Breaks
5-Stars, Focus Music Awards,  20 mins, documentary
Anna & Paul Kittel, Buckinghamshire.
Still from 'The Salt Man'.
The Salt Man
, UNICA Medal,
15 mins, narrative
Seyed Sajad Moosavi, Iran.
Still  from 'Command-Option-Dump'.Command-Option-Dump
5-Stars, AKM Music Award, 5 mins, comedy
Jonathan Flint, London.
Still  from Kleine Leichte Seele'.
Kleine, Leichte Seele
(Small, Light Soul)
Diamond, Best Animation, Best in age 16-21 category, 2 mins
Josephine Hock, Germany
Still from 'Turning Tables'.
Turning Tables**
Diamond, Best British Young Film-Maker, 11 min, romantic drama
Rebecca Staniforth, Sheffield.
Still from 'Wormholes'.
Diamond, Best Story, Best Acting for Ruben Crow,  30 mins, comedy
James Eaves, Birmingham.
>Still from 'East One West'.
East One West
4-Stars, Carlin Music Award, 12 mins documentary
Graham Ralls, Surrey.
Still from 'Blue'.
4-Stars, 10 mins, fiction
Robert Lorrimer, West Yorkshire.
Still from 'Exodo'.
5-Stars 4 mins, music video
Werner Haegeman, Belgium.
Still from 'The Last Biscuit'.
The Last Biscuit

4-Stars, Best by a film-maker aged under 16, 4 mins, story
Emma Kitson, Leeds.
Still from 'The Girl on the Train'.
The Girl on the Train

4-Stars, Best Original Music - by Carnival of Thieves, 6 mins, music video/animation
John Roberts, Nottinghamshire.
Still from 'Mad'.

4-Stars, 1 min, music video
Alan Atkinson, Rugby.
Still from 'Starter, Main Course, Not So Sweet'
Starter, Maincourse and Not So Sweet

5-Stars, 29 mins, comedy
Bob Rowley & Martin Sunderland, Leeds.
Still from 'Let Go'
Let Go
5-Stars, 7 mins, drama
Sean Nelis & Richard Madders, Derbyshire.

Still from 'Are You Sitting Comfortably?'
Are You Sitting Comfortably?

4-Stars, Best Entry from an Affiliated Club, 14 mins, documentary
South Downs Film Makers, West  Sussex.

Still from 'A Bargain?'
A Bargain?

Diamond, Best Editing, Best Comedy, 8 mins, fiction
Werner Van den Bulck, Belgium

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