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Mini-Cinema Animation Cup.


The Mini-Cinema Cup - Animation

donated by Mini-Cinema magazine.

Between 1954 and 1958 this handsome trophy was awarded for Technical Proficiency.
It was then retired and brought out again in 1985 as the Animation Trophy.

In the early 21st century the handing out of trophies stopped,
although the award for Best Animation continues.

2021 Kiwi's Dream Paloma Zhu
2020 Adam & Eve Mk II Sebastian Kuder
2019 Everything Really Natural? Rüdiger Schnorr
2018 Not the End of the World Jack Bennett
2017 Meditations of a Lighthouse John Roberts
2016 Kleine, Leichte Seele (Small, Light Soul) Josephine Hock
2015 Kalories (Calories) Antje Gleisberg & Rolf Birn
2014 Crossover Fabian Grodde
The Jumblies Robert Duncan & Alan Fenemore
2012 Symbiosis Alexander Herrmann
2011 The New Washing Machine Winfried Bellmann
2010 Days Away Circle Eight Film Group
2009 Talking Pictures 1 - Classics Mike Shaw
2008 Weiss (White) Florian Grolig (Germany)
2007 Fantabulous Garry Brown
2006 The Grand Sale Tana Fletcher
2005 Would You Rather Watch The Fireworks Barry Lockwood
2004 Verzauberte Zeiten Horst Orlich (Germany)
2003 Wings Barry Lockwood
2002 Clip Joint Albert Noble
2001 Greenhouse Tim Jones
2000 Der Reigen Klaus Werner Voss (Germany)
1999 Jordan's Secret J. M. & D. Rogers
1998 no award
1997 The Sneeze Scott Mann
1996 no award
1995 Christmas Comfort Tim Jones
1994 Roonie the Rhino Alan Cleave
1993 Not Even a Snowdrop Richard Lewendon
1992 The Lost Beat Teanassie Primary School
1992 The Square Rainbow Tooshka Productions
1991 Poetic Impressions Emanuela Boshnakova
1990 Anim Antics Film Group 88
1989 no award
1988 Pteryphlegia Louis Smits (Netherlands)
1987 At the Stroke of Midnight Lewis J. Cooper
1986 Life Cycle Neil Carstairs
1985 The Burglar Tana Fletcher

1958 Passport to Paradise Laurie Day, Stuart Day & Gerald Mee
1957 no festival
1956 The Rocket D. Beard
1955 The Battle of Wangapore The Grasshopper Group
1954 Hi-Jinks in Autumn W. F. C. Clifford
1953 Little Cinders John S. (Jack) Eley

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