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The Bernard Ashby Trophy.


Bernard Ashby Trophy
for Best Editing

Bernard Ashby has a career in film editing and was a senior editor for BBC Television in London working on several stylish series.  As the industry moved over to video so did he, somewhat reluctantly. He and his wife, Jackie, moved to Australia and both work there as video editors.  Bernard was, until then, a very active IAC Council member with a special interest in the Film & Video Library. 

In the early 21st century the handing out of trophies stopped, but the award continues.

2021 The Art of Bakti Negara Philip Roza
2020 (F)our Seasons Miguel Gabaldon
2019 Night Tide Richard Miller
2018 Tim & Tom Lutz Gottschalk
2017 Rhys Lewis & Ian Smyth No Hidden Extras
2016 Werner Van den Bulck A Bargain?
2015 Colchester Film Makers Club Ransom Note
Pork Chop Pictures SoulMatrix
John Roberts Thinking Time
2012 Vito Labalestra Quieto Non Movere
2011 Mark Auerbach The 23rd August at 0:17am
2010 Florian Gregor & Philipp Scholz Clint
2009 Ingo Schiller and Stephan Mueller Der Bettnaesser
2008 no award
2007 John James,Terry Tkachuk,
Alan Robinson, Karen Cherrington,
John Lofting, Neville Withers
The Release
2006 John Curran The Team
2005 Bernhard Hausberger Waldesglut
2004 Robert Becker Mahlzeit
2003 no award
2002 Phil Davies Beyond The Pail
2001 not awarded
2000 Richard Lewendon Olympic Museum
1999 Francisco De Lucas Think About A Game
1998 Toshi Sakurai New York, What a Wonderful World
1997 Chris Armstrong The Lift
1995 Mark McCracken Wishes
1994 Ian Gamble The Feminine Touch
1993 Graham Gardener Again and Again
1992 Tooshka Productions The Square Rainbow
1991 Rolf Mandolesi Dissonanze
1990 Trevor Davies Endgame
1989 Chris Jones The Thing from Beneath the Bed!!
1988 Piet Van Es De Vier Jaargetijden
1986 Tony Cane-Honeysett Gone West
1985 Abbey Film Unit Reign of the Tigers
1984 Frank Morgan & Rathcormac Film Unit Looking for Candy
1983 Bradford Kern Weekend Prisoner
1982 D. Casci & C. Perry & F.Nystrom & D. Woolman Extended Play
1981 R.Andersen, P.Norlund & R.Pedersen 1980

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