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The Cressy-Hall cup.


The Cressy-Hall Trophy
for Abstract & Experimental Films / Video Entries

We have little information on this cup. It was first awarded for Abstract and Experimental Films.
With the advent of  video it was revived for a few years until Video Active magazine
donated a separate trophy for video entries.

1988 Loros - A Dream Comes True Syd Pearman
1987 no award
1986 Nightmare Warwick Davis
1985 For Grandma Dr. David Whittet
1984 The Void David Felber
1983 no award
1982 An Answer to the Question Rev. D. J. Butler

1965 Wunsch und Wirklichkeit Stranger / Harlander (Austria)
1964 Chronos E. van Herpen (Netherlands)
1963 Red Type Albert Noble
1962 Liquid Jazz J. Kramer (USA)
1961 10 Cents Antonio Cernuda (Cuba)
1960 How to do the Flower Trevor White

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