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The Daily Mail  Challenge Trophy for the best amateur film.



The Daily Mail Challenge Trophy

for the

Best Amateur Movie of the Year

This is as good as it gets.  The top award for any amateur bears the name of a famous U.K. newspaper.

It was presented in 1934 by the directors of Associated Newspapers. 

In the early 21st century the giving of trophies was stopped but the award itself remains. The cup is no longer presented but a handsome award and a cash prize are given to the winner.

2021 About Death (Sobre la Muerte)
Adrian Bodegas Levet
2020 The Painting
Joan Paüls
2019 Golnesa
Sattar Chamani Gol
2018 Mia: A Rapture 2.0 Production
Gary J Hewitt
2017 I Am
Lee Ji Eun
2016 De Loods (The Warehouse)
Kurt Velghe
2015 Copy That
Kingsley Hoskins
Fabian Grodde
Present from the Past
Shaun Labrecque
2012 Angels on the Rail Moving Pictures
2011 Helping Hand Eun Youn Jang
2010 Vicious Culture John Blight
2009 Aus der Seele (From the Soul) Holger Loewe
2008 Oldiegarage Bernhard Hausberger
2007 A Rather Different Year Karin & Bernhard Hausberger
2006 Hannah Urbain Appeltans & Magda Verbist
2005 Mijeni (Passing) Olga Špátová
2004 Fili di Vita (Strings of Life) Mino Croce & Guido Wilhelm
2003 Joseph's Faith David Peffer & Frank Hodges
2002 Dirty Style Blues Terry Tkachuk & John James
2001 Argentinian Association of Actors Sebastian Alfie
2000 El Cordobes Sven Taddicken
1999 Infinite Daniel Sanchez Chamorro
1998 Como Escribe Cartas de Amor Jan Bacca
1997 Somebody Peter Dunphy
1996 Glamour Man Philip Beasley
1995 Accident Jan Bacca & Toni Garriga
1994 Franzi St. Cuthbert Films
1993 Bertie St. Cuthbert Films
1992 Under Cover Terry Mendoza
1991 Nothing to be Afraid Of Tim Jones
1990 Lost Property Nick Brazil
1989 The Thing From Beneath The Bed!! Chris Jones
1988 De Vier Jaargetijden Piet Van Es
1987 A Dream Come True Gordon A. Clarke
1986 Velkommen Hjem, Anders! K-Film
1985 Racing Hearts Abbey Film Unit
1984 Pioneer 11 Enrique Nieto
1983 Out of Order Philip E. Miller
1982 The Other Side Frank Morgan
1981 Goodbye Uncle Norman Pollock
1980 Old Grumpy and Mary B Frank Morgan
1979 What's New in the Forest The Wildlife Society - A. J. (Jack) Dally
1978 A 1920's Boy Ron Broadbent
1977 The Journey Michael Pearcy
1976 Sanctum Bill Davison
1975 E Poi Vednne La Pioggia Massimiliano Poltronieri
1974 Other Days Around Me Archie Reid
1973 Giuseppi Cecil Satariano
1972 Jai Hind Sidney Manasseh
1971 Michele Pierre Lebourbouac'h
1970 Coral Sea Dr. John Killner
1969 Initiation B. Dirco - Oxford University Film Society
1968 The Nazarene Dr. Wilfred A. Sultana
1967 Meeting Point Alan Scales
1966 The Settlers Jack Ruddell
1965 Portrait of Lydia John Straiton
1964 Locked Up Peter Ryde & J. Charlesworth
1963 Arrowhead J. Greaves & Miles Biggs
1962 Medina L. B. Hickman
1961 A Lick and a Promise Frank M. Marshall
1960 Claremont Bristol Cine Society
1959 Rhythm in Transit Antonio Cernuda
1958 Passport to Paradise Laurie Day, Stuart Day, Gerald Mee
1957 no festival
1956 Fun and Fantasy J. D. Butcher
1955 A Temple for Athena John S. (Jack) Ely
1954 Tangalooma Whalers Charles Morgan Jones
1953 City of Temples Laurie & Stuart Day
1952 Sidetracked Ickenham Film Society
1951 Virtue Triumphant H.W. Catton
1950 Jael's Nail Stoke on Trent ACS
1949 The 1948 TT Race S.A. Coles
1948 Family Tree John Ganderson
1947 Yuletide Fantasy Dr. G. Miller Lamb
1946 Wings of Tomorrow Dudley Shaw Ashton
1942 Our Daily Bread John Martin
1938 It Never Rains Stoke Cine Society
1937 Nancy's Garage Stoke Cine Society
1936 Another Happy Day T. Lawrenson
1935 Happy Day T. Lawrenson
1934 Transport Mr. & Mrs. J.B.Thubron

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