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The J. Lizars Cup
for best Novice (first time entrant)
now for runner-up in the AV Competition

No photograph available.
Lizars are opticians and photographic shops which at one time also operated a small film library.

2004  Pictures at an Exhibition Allan Green
2003 Lacrima Ricardo Zarate (France)
2002 Motorway Colin Balls & Peter Coles
2001 Awakening of the Rainbow Serpent Eddie Spence
The Rocks Remain Molly McConaghy
2000 The Exiled Mind Ron Davies

The cup was assigned in 2000 for the "runner-up" in
the Geoffrey Round Trophy competition for AV.

1984 Pioneer 11 Enrique Nieto (Spain)
1983 Fathers and Sons Rev. J. D. Butler
1982 A Matter of Honour Margot Richardson & D. Webster
1981 Natty Dread She Want Kelvin Richard
1980 Cycle Brandon Apps
1979 The Magic Sea J. R. Chapman
1978 Mumbles G. Farley
1977 Reel People C. James
1976 Walkies B. Bareham
1975 Precarious Potato John Watson
1974 R.I.P. J.Martin Funnell
1973 Brewer's Vine Peter & Beryl Wilberforce Smith
1972 Cobler Cobler R. C. Butcher
1971 Fifty Thousand Million Miles P. G. Wood
1970 Play On Mrs D. E. Bromley-Martin
1969 Everybody's Been Burned Christopher Green
1968 Jedem Tierchen Sein Plasierchen W. Kissling
1967 Administration in Action Major F. W. E. Fursdon
1966 The Safety Links Philip H. Harvey
1965 Nardi Mrs. V. & the late Harold McFadden
1964 Storrs Hall R. W. Pringle
1963 Fife R. H. Bedwell
1962 Kruschev Robert Le Bar
1961 Hand Made Bobbin Lace W. Thornton
1960 After You, Mr. K. Harold Brayshaw
1959 Growing Border Carnations Under Glass Mr. J. B. & Mrs. Z. A. Brandrick
1958 Looking at Huddersfield T. W. Frost
1957 no festival
1956 The Last Laugh R. Ian Golding
1955 Water on the Brain J. D. Butcher
1954 Child's Play H. F. Leeon
1953 A Letter to my Son Victor Atlas
1952 The Mice Will Play F. B. Sykes

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