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The Cup for Best Entry from Overseas.



The IAC Challenge Trophy for the Best Entry from Overseas

Originally this was awarded to entrants from the American Chapter of the IAC.

2003 discontinued
2002 Soul To Keep Colin Paxman
2001 Argentinian Association of Actors Sebastian Alfie
2000 El Cordobes Sven Taddicken
1999 Infinite Daniel Sanchez Chamorro
1998 Como Escribir Cartas de Amor Jan Bacca
1997 F205 Leandro Blanco
1996 They Were Numbers Raoul van Tyghem
1995 Accident Jan Bacca & Toni Garriga
1994 A Doorstop Documentary Gary Roma
1993 Genesis Gunther Haller
1989 The Making of the Mall Helen Welsh
1988 Leaping Our Past Peter Holoubek
1987 Hit Tony & George Moskal
1986 Leader Zygmunt Janikowski
1985 This England - a Portrait of Coventry D. Kemp
1984 Launch B. Andrews
1983 Out of Order Philip E. Miller
1982 Extended Play D. Casci & C. Perry & F.Nystrom & D. Woolman
1981 Dragoncastle Rebecca & Paul Mason
1979 Starship One Wallace M. Shaw
1978 Production Wallace M. Shaw
1977 Your Last Chance K. Newton
1976 Larry Clayman F.C. Harchbaerger
1975 Ike's Woman Tina Jerry W. Biehl
1974 The Weekenders Brad Shaw & Ryan Roulette
1973 Traditional Wedding in Oland A. O. Olsen
1972 Chwtah F.C. Harchbaerger
1971 The Suicide Race F.C. Harchbaerger
1970 Come Walk With Me Charles W. Aldread
1969 A Trip to Yesterday Sidney Laverents
1968 Sleep Rose and Stuart Dabbs
1967 Love in String Rose and Stuart Dabbs
1966 Origami Rose and Stuart Dabbs

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