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The Harold Rowe Trophy.


Horace A. Rowe Trophy
for the Best Documentary

This delicate trophy was made by Mr. Rowe, a skilled silversmith, and donated in 1950. It was at first intended for an award known as "My Job".  It was first presented in 1954 by which time it had become the award for documentary.

Any help in filling the gaps of its history would be very welcome.

In the early 21st century the giving of trophies was stopped but the award itself continues.

2021 He Knew Everything Before (Er hat alles vorher gewusst) Bernhard & Barbara Zimmerman
2020 Angel Meadow Ian Crowther Bolton Moviemakers
2019 Living with the Flood Guido Haesen
2018 Mechanical Things Rod Willerton
2017 The Holy Spirit David Brezina
2016 Seeking Sydney Tim Jones
2015 Arefi der Hirte (Arefi the Shepherd) Daniel Asadi Faezi
2014 Dragonfly Andy Holt
2013 The Last of the Wolfgang Michael Slowe
2012 More Than Meets the Eye Alan Atkinson
2011 Hounds & The Huntsman Michael Slowe
2010 In the Grip of Khat Jean-Pierre Hué
2008 Oldiegarage Karin & Bernhard Hausberger
2007 Ein Etwas Anderes Jahr
A Rather Different Year
Karin & Bernhard Hausberger
2006 La Battaglia Delle Arance Karin & Bernhard Hausberger
2005 Melissa Michael Slowe
2004 A-wiwiwi Dr. Frank Dietrich
2003 The Wind in Love Andre Lemahieu & Hubert de Wulf
2002 Breizh Willy van der Linden (Belgium)
2001 The Biggest Yet Huddersfield Video & Cine Club
2000 Bailey's Bath Huddersfield Video & Cine Club
1999 Moscow Memories Michael Gough
1998 Jersey Royal Laurie Stewart
1997 Falklands Fauna J. M. Baylis
1996 The World of P. J. Crook Oscar Riesel
1995 The Big M Geoffrey Gilbert & David Andrew
1994 A Doorstep Documentary Gary Roma (USA)
1993 Again and Again Graham Gardener
1992 Colour Gunther Haller
1991 Warrior's Return John Alcock
1990 Denby Dale Does It Again Huddersfield Video & Cine Club
1989 My Pipe Dream Richard Curry
1988 De Vier Jaargetijpen Piet van Es
1987 Just William & Nipper Syd Pearman
1986 The Aruncraft Story Bill Glue
1985 Springtime Affair Gordon Moore - GDN Films
1984 O Thou Mysterious Moon R. L. Vloebergh
1983 Shutter Bugs Chris Taylor
1982 Three Bags Full Michael Slowe

1965 Franz Hals E. van Herpen (Netherlands)
1964 A Portrait in Bronze D. J. White
1963 An Ancient Craft C. M. Aspinall
1962 Vanishing Britain J. G. Barrett & Leslie Gilham
1961 Floral Capers Jack Ruddell (Canada)
1960 Claremont Bristol Cine Society
1959 no award
1958 Paper Masks and Models Arthur Kingsbury
1957 no festival held
1956 Making Wire and Paper Animals Arthur Kingsbury
1955 Clever Hands Dr. Iain Dunnachie
1954 Brick Making C. J. Beddows & Leslie M. Froude

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