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Best Story trophy.



Challenge Trophy
for Best Story

In the early 21st century the handing out of trophies stopped, although the award for Best Story continues.

2021 Sobre La Muerte (About Death) Adrian Bodegas Levet
2020 Umai Inkár Ábdirash
2019 Making Friends as the World Ends Jonathan Pegg
2018 Brainwash Hannah Gautrey
2017 I Am Lee Ji Eun
2016 Wormholes James Eaves
2015 Popping the Question Kingsley Hoskins
Over the Hill Shaun Labrecque
Present from the Past Shaun Labrecque
2012 Pigeon Post Stewart Mackay
2011 Dancer James Webber
2010 Between Michal Stenzel & Anna Kasperska (Poland)
2009 Rex Berry Van der Vorst
2008 no award
2007 no award
2006 Biyik Lale Nalpantoglu
2005 Da Capo Etienne Maes
2004 Rocket Boy Roger Russell Holliss & James Robinson
2003 On The Cord Arek Tomala
2002 Dirty Style Blues Terry Tkachuk & John James
2001 The Suspicion Vladimir Murtin
2000 Steins Abschied Otto Horn
1999 Keep Back Please Werner Wehnert
1998 How To Write Love Letters Jan Bacca
1997 Past Imperfect, Future Perfect? Tristan Harvey
1996 The Game John Curran
1995 The Lightning Seed Karend Bassett
1994 Temptation Finchley Cinevideo Society
1993 Norman Love, Burglar Mark Ewen
1992 The Square Rainbow Tooshka Productions
1991 Cheesecake St. Cuthbert's High School Video Club
1990 Endgame Trevor Davies
1989 Tandem Reg Lancaster, Vladimir Murtin & Jan Schoonen
1988 Self Service Terry Mendoza & Paul Mercer
1987 A Dream Come True Gordon A Clarke
1986 Night Out David Hill & Coral Hautman
1985 Racing Hearts Abbey Film Unit

1965 Orion Three Werner Lepach
1964 Locked Up Peter Ryde & J. Charlesworth
1962 Group Inspiration Inter Varsity Film

1960 Dark Interlude William Messner
1956 The Landscape of Thomas Hardy R. C. F. Purland
1955 A Stylish Marriage Epsom Cine Society
1954 The Murder at the Hollies G. D. H. Doig
1953 History of Walton Kingston & District Cine Society

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