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Wallace Heaton Cup.


The Wallace Heaton Cup
for the Best Photography

Wallace Heaton was a pharmacist who set up shop in New Bond Street, moving gradually over to photographic supplies. The firm's catalogue was the famous "Blue Book". One of the major photographic suppliers, a pioneer in many ways, Wallace Heaton at one point even ran a home library of films. Though strong supporters of movies their core business was still photography and hence this award for the common element between the two.

In the early 21st century the presentation of trophies was stopped, but the award itself continues.
2021 Watermorphosis Sophie Henriksson
2020 The Painting Joan Paüls
2019 Golnesa Sattar Chamani Gol
2018 Tango in the Wind Paula Webster
2017 I Am Lee Ji Eun
2016 Geheimnisvolle Pegnitzauen (The Mysterious Pegnitz Wetlands) Georg Bock
2015 A Reflective View of London Graham Ralls
Raven Patrick Brouwers & Joey Wojcik
Wild North Staffordshire Peter J. Durnall
2012 Vincent Berry van der Vorst & Brian Smits
2011 Hounds & The Huntsman Michael Slowe
2010 A Vanishing Wilderness Guido Haesen
2009 Aus der Seele (From the Soul) Holder Loewe
2008 Mosel Gold Ernst Auhuber
2007 Silence After the Day Ernst Auhuber
2006 Little Wonders of Nature Florent Van Opstal
2005 The Middle Way Emmanuel Dubois
2004 Verspeelde Energie Henk van de Meeberg
2003 The Wind In Love André Lemahieu & Hubert De Wulf
2002 The Mill Martin Lank & Michal Pandula
2001 The Suspicion Vladimir Murtin
2000 This Glorious Life Björn Engström
1999 Mario Vega Jose Carlos Moreno Zapardiel
1998 New York, What a Wonderful World Toshi Sakurai
1997 Somebody Peter Dunphy
1996 The Message Borehamwood Camcorder & Cine Club
1995 Requiem for a Blue Planet Leandro Blanco
1994 Willing Partners Westcliff Film & Video Club
1993 Genesis Gunther Haller
1992 Quick Safari Graham Gardener
1991 Warrior's Return John Alcock
1990 Endgame Trevor Davies
1989 Uomini Rolph Mandolesi
1988 De Vier Jaargetijden Piet Van Es
1987 Heartbeat City John Upstone
1986 Dreams and Recollections Centre Film Unit
1985 Reign of the Tigers Abbey Film Unit
1984 Dreams for Kate Abbey Road Film Unit
1983 Weekend Prisoner Bradford Kern
1982 A Matter of Honour Margot Richardson & David Webster
1981 Dragoncastle Rebecca & Paul Mason
1980 Svaret Peder Norlund
1979 The Magic Sea J. R. Chapman
1978 Nidus C. Stroud
1977 The Visit Keg Films
1976 Le Manteau Yves Benoit
1975 Ski Lift Michael Slowe
1974 Kashmir Waters Sidney Mannasseh
1973 Fairy Story Brian Rice

1971 The Haunting Circle 8

1959 Rhythm in Transit Antonio Cernuda
1958 Marshland R. Jameson
1957 no festival
1956 Come Into My Parlour W. F. C. Clifford
1955 A Year and a Day D.C. Ramsden
1954 Hi Jinks in Autumn W.F.C. Clifford
1953 The Ladybird W.G. Nicholls
1952 Modern Bee Breeding C.P. Abbott
1951 A Year to Remember R.W. Robinson
1950 Jael's Nail Stoke on Trent Amateur Cine Society
1949 Bird's Eye View Matthew Nathan
1948 Stuff o' Dreams S. F. Martin
1947 Round the Garden Dr. G. Hinds
1945 Springtime in the Park J. Marsh
1942 Evacuees in touch with Nature M. Moses
1938 Man on the Road John Martin
1935 Birdland Homes A.S.Phillips

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