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The Trophy for best Youth entry - aged 18 to 25.



The IAC Challenge Trophy
- latterly for Best Youth Entry

This trophy was used for different awards in earlier years.
The youth category was ages 18 to 25 until 2010 when it changed to ages 16 to 21.
In the early 21st century the giving of trophies was stopped but the award continues.
2021 Kiwi's Dream Paloma Zhu
2020 Have You Seen Buster? Emmanuel Li
2019 Girl A Jess O'Brien
2018 Pulse Gage Oxley
2017 The Domino Effect Mikolaj Wróbel
2016 Kleine, Lechte Seele (Small, Light Soul) Josephine Hock
2015 Arefi der Hirte (Arefi the Shepherd) Daniel Asadi Faezi
2014 Doors Opening Jack Spring
2013 Mindbreak Florian Arndt (Germany)
2012 Trapped Gemma Clarke
2011 Ich? (Me?) Saladin Dellers (Switzerland)
2010 Courier John Taff, Norton College Media Department, Sheffield
2009 Dentophobia Christoph Heimer
2008 Loss Charles Leek
2007 Fantabulous Garry Brown
2006 Making Music Tristam Thomas
2005 Hong Kong: The City Tristam Thomas
2004 Etienen Mies Lale Nalpantoglu (Germany)
2003 In Absentia Richard Heald & James Kibbey
2002 Still Got The Blues Joachim Dollhopf & Evelyn Goldbrunner (Germany)
2001 Resta Mark Jackson
2000 El Cordobes Sven Taddicken (Germany)
1999 Infinite Daniel Sanchez Chamorro (Spain)
1998 The Travelling Man Apache Films
1997 Somebody Peter Dunphy
1996 Last Train To Demise Kristian Digby
1995 Mother Earth Michael Goodden
1994 Cold Wood Kelly Smith
1993 Goldfish Nooshin Productions
1992 Into A Dream Mark Bold
1991 ID Adam Phillips
1990 Harryhausen: Movement into Life John Walsh Ray
1989 Live Mannikins Class Collective Productions
1988 Way Hiroshi Yoshida
1987 Das Letzte Thomas Stellmach
1986 Trailers Allan Burgoyne
1985 Game of War P. Morjaria
1984 Rites of Passage C. Copeland, R. Stanley & J. Fox
1983 A Seedy Neighbourhood Barry Britain

1965 Pottery Betty & Ian Lauder
1964 Power At Your Elbow Roy S. Sutton
1963 Portrait By Morrocco T.H. Thoms
1962 Roman Villa Betty & Ian Lauder
1961 Ships in Bottles J. P. & M. E. Lauder

1959 Bee Dazzled Colonel Smith & Morgan Jones
1958 Frčre Jacques A. Boyd
1957 no festival
1956 Operation Fishlift C. Morgan Jones
1955 Flight 566 C. Morgan Jones
1954 Tanglooma Whalers C. Morgan Jones

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