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2002: Movie awards | AV awards

Report on Movie 2002

19th - 21st April, Chesterfield Hotel, Chesterfield
including edited extracts from emails received...

Our festival celebrates the best amateur films of the year. 67 movies were screened on Saturday in three mini-cinemas and 13 at the Gala Show on Sunday ... not counting promo films. We look in detail at some of the award winning movies - see the links at the foot of this page. But festival is also about people - meeting old friends and making new ones.

Liz Donlan - IAc magazine editor. John W. James, co-producer of the top film. Terry Tkachuk co-producer of the top film. Kenneth Seeger, Chairman of IAC. Val Ellis, IAC President.

Liz Donlan

John W. James

Terry Tkachuk

Kenneth Seeger

Val Ellis

CEMRIAC - Central & East Midland Region of the IAC - hosted the event.  For them it was the culmination of over a year's hard work. Their preparation made it a first-class event with friendly crowds enjoying the event, the hotel, the outings and the chat. The hotel served us well and the Gala Dinner was served with a slick, friendliness that made it a delight. During that evening National President, Val Ellis presented IAC Fellowships to Linda Gough and CEMRIAC chairman, David Newman.  She announced fellowships for Jim Kenworthy and Jim Wood who were unable to attend.  She then added a local flavour when she presented a special lifetime award to Cliff Paulsen from his club,Chesterfield Cine Video Makers, who were there in force.

"Leaving Movie 2002 I could not help but feel that the job of an IAC youth Officer is something of an obscenity. Looking around the three cinemas, and hotel, it was plain to me that 99.9% of attendees were in fact over 40. Quite why this institute needs youth officers I know not."
Bob Drake. Linda Gough, Chairman NERIAC. Cliff Paulsen. David Newman, Chairman CEMRIAC. Rob Day.

Bob Drake

Linda Gough

Cliff Paulsen

David Newman

Rob Day

Those who arrived on Thursday evening were treated to a special screening of outstanding, award-winning movies by CEMRIAC members.  On Friday morning there was a chance to visit Chesterfield: to see the crooked spire, check the bargains in the market and enjoy wandering about this pleasant town. In the afternoon a visit was organised to Bolsover Castle.

"As ever Chesterfield 2002 was great. Well done to everyone who made it happen, managed to get there, had films shown and won awards. All I ask for 2003 is AIR CONDITIONING for the main (Sunday) event."

Brian Saberton, Dalziel. Christiane Surdiacourt. Iain Gaffney. Martin Bracke. Frank Brown, Hawick.

Brian Saberton

Christiane Surdiacourt

Iain Gaffney

Martin Bracke

Frank Brown

On Friday evening a selection of the Geoffrey Round A-V Competition winners were shown, introduced by Peter Coles.  He explained that for the first time the competition was international and affiliated to FIAP (The International Federation of Photographic Art.) Sadly the overall winner, Memories' Thief by Gabriele Pinardi from Italy could not be shown but twelve sequences were.  They proved to be varied, fascinating and thought-provoking. Details.

"....very few social comments on life, except for an unemployed homosexual with aids. Another film about the end of the earth due to comet strike seemed to me to run out of steam. You would have enjoyed the comedy award though ... chap trying to get through to the bomb disposal group by mobile and having to waste time with call centre's standard responses. Quite pacy and the audience actually laughed quite heartily in parts. Film had a good closure too."

John Astin. Albert Noble. John  Morin. Brian Dunckley. Ken McRonald.

John Astin

Albert Noble

John Morin

Brian Dunckley

Ken McRonald

Saturday was mini-cinema day with screenings starting at 9.30am and going until 5.30pm. The audience sampled from three cinemas, in each of which balanced programmes of movies had been scheduled by the Competition Officer, Mike Donlan. All these had won IAC Silver or Gold Seal awards or better and makers were presented with their certificates.

"I got to see another lovely unimposing film from Pip and young John Townley. These two film makers do seem to turn out some quite lovely flicks, and I have fallen in love with their style of movies."

Willy Van der Linden. Trevor Mall. Peter Coles. , North West Youth Officer. Simon Rushton, director of 'Yours Trudy'.

Van der Linden

Trevor Mall

Peter Coles

Lee Mannering

Simon Rushton

Sunday was the Gala Show. The ballroom was packed for a screening of the major award winners.  There was also a brief lighting lab session conducted by John Morin, who in the 45 minutes available to him gave a run-down of basic lighting set-ups.  He demonstrated them with the help of Gillian Goddard as model and a battery of lights, plugs and dimmers.

Urbain Appletans. Kate Huckle. Richard Curry. Michael Slowe. Mike Donlan.

Urbain Appletans>

Kate Huckle

Richard Curry

Michael Slowe

Mike Donlan

IAC Chairman, Kenneth Seeger, made a special presentation of a UNICA Silver Medal and the Fellini Prize to Iain Gaffney for Designer Babies which was very well received at the 2001 UNICA festival. Interview with Iain Gaffney.

The climax of the weekend was the screening of Dirty Style Blues produced by Terry Tkachuk and John W. James, which won the Daily Mail Challenge Trophy for the Best Amateur Movie of the Year.

"It wasn't only the projectionists who gave time and effort to make this show a success. Thanks also to those who drove around looking for a suitable hotel, and arranging the booking many moons ago ... printed the tea/coffee vouchers and designed the little film logo on them ... put notices upon a few hundred seats in the ballroom ... designed/printed the program ... burnt the midnight oil, planning which film should be shown where ... I daresay I've omitted many, many in the above, but anyway..................THANKS!!"


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