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The logo of the festival. FILMSHARING LOW/NO BUDGET FILM FESTIVAL - Germany

Closing : 1st April 2017
Festival:  Spring & Summer 2017 in German/Austrian cities & online

The internet continues to provide a forum and platform for uncensored and unrestricted short films. We want to accompany this through showing submitted films on the big screen to an interested and interactive audience in the offline world. This will create an open space for discussion before, during and after the screenings.

  • No entry fee. Mainly narrative films.
  • short: up to 15 minutes - any subject
  • send your film online or as a DVD

After the festival screenings, the short film programme will be projected in selected mainstream cinemas and gain exposure for these independent productions. The festival works under a not-for-profit approach and the subsequent entry revenue will stay with the organisers to cover costs.

Kulturzentrum Merlin
C/o film-sharing 2016
Augustenstr. 72
D- 70178 Stuttgart
Deutschland / Germany (Europe)

Email: filmfestival@film-sharing.net
Website: www.filmsharing.eu (in English and German)

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