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      This is not an IAC event, but a great many IAC members take part.

NORTH V SOUTH - Introduction & Origin

North v South logo North V South is a fun competition for movie making clubs in the U.K. The dividing line between North and South is drawn East to West through Stoke-on-Trent in Staffordshire. Gerald Mee suggests the line should be just South of Stoke since their club considers itself firmly in the Northern camp!

The idea is that a theme is set and then clubs and societies are invited to submit entries up to a maximum of 20 minutes long. The North selects their best five and the South does the same. These 10 movies are entered into the grand final where they compete for the John Wright Trophy.

The competition has evolved into being organised by two clubs: Altrincham for the North and Orpington Video and Film Makers for the South. At each stage the audience are asked to choose their top five films, just for fun. Those seldom match the judges'

The theme for 2017 is tbc. Closing date for entries tbc.

More information and entry forms on their website: www.altvideo.co.uk/nvs/


The IAC Film Library Catalogue says:
"The competition was founded by John Wright and run by him until after the 1991 contest when health compelled him to pass the organisation on to Vic Williams and Mike Coad."

Brian Roberts (Altrincham Video Society) says:
"I am advised (as it was long before my involvement with movie making) that the North v South competition was actually started by Harry Adams who was our club secretary at the time, it was later that John Wright (the popular columnist for Moviemaker magazine) took on the organisation.  It has since evolved into being organised by two clubs. Altrincham Video Society for the North and Orpington Video and Film Makers for the South."

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