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UNICA - the amateur film festival where nations compete - visited South Korea in 2006. Every UNICA festival is a mix of fun (outings and events) and films. For details of the fun - click here.


UNICA screened 25 national programmes this year, a total of 112 films. In addition 32 movies took part in the World Minute Movie Cup competition. The jury was chaired by Jeanne Glass (France) and included Laura Asti (Italy), Zuzana Skoludova (Slovakia), Ctirad Stipl (Czech Republic), Hassan Dezvareh (Iran), Chang Soo Ko (Korea) and Kees Tervoort (Netherlands). They gave: 5 Gold Medals, 12 Silver Medals and 24 Bronze Medals:

Gold Medal Winners

Still from 'Behind the Door'. Behind the Door (Spain) credited to"Els Ultims Dinosaures" and actually directed by Jan Baca. It was photographed
by an Austrian colleague, Horst Hubbauer.

The story is of a lost love with flashbacks to their original wooing and parting. It concentrates on three women living quietly in their house until this reminder of a distant past appears.

Still from 'With Him'. With Him (Iran) by Naghi Nemati

A mystery tale set in lonely, fog-covered mountain territory where giving a hitch-hiker a lift introduces our leading character to some strange goings on. At one point an accident investigation team appear through the rain all holding clear plastic capes over their heads and look more alien than Hollywood special effects could create.

Still from 'HWK the Maneater'. HWK the Maneater (France) by Daniel Ziegler (to see the film - click here)

HWK is Hartmannswillerkopf, a rocky spur in the Vosges mountains. During World War I more than 30,000 soldiers died there - hence the title of this powerful film. Framed by a modern tour guide talking to a bunch of indifferent tourists, his passion on the subject blends into flashbacks scenes of recreated battle. By the end the tourists too are moved by the tragedy.

Still from 'Extinction Event'. Extinction Event (UK) by Alan Atkinson

Alan's aim to pack as many jokes as possible into this story about Earth threatened by an approaching comet, paid off with the loudest, most enthusiastic and prolonged applause I have ever heard at any festival. Luckily Alan was there to accept the cheers and seemed faintly flummoxed by the number of people who came up to him all week to praise the movie. When he received his medal half the audience stood and jumped up and down - a reference to action in the film.

Still from 'A Rather Different Year'. A Rather Different Year (Austria) by Karin & Bernhard Hausberger

Popular film maker, Bernhard, gave up smoking on his 50th birthday and was diagnosed with lung cancer three months later. This brave film is how he responded. He records how he and Karin faced up to the situation, to chemotherapy and the removal of one lung. There is a painful honesty in it which left many of his friends and admirers shocked and tearful. Yet it has a positive message and a happy ending.

Silver Medals

Still from 'Goodmorning'. Good Morning (Italy)
by Melo Prino

A superb re-working of the "reflection
with a separate personality" idea. Very
imaginative and funny.

Still from 'Brother is Waiting at the End of the Road'. Brother is Waiting at the End of the Road (Poland)
by Waldemar Grzesik

A dark tale where a simple-minded blind man is sent
to his death. But it posses a moral dilemma: was that
an act of cruelty or kindness?

Still from 'Every End has a Beginning'. Every End has a Beginning (Netherlands)
by Steven Geldof, Han Van Der Stok et al

The tale of a car accident.

Still from 'Tell Tale Heart'. The Tell-Tale Heart (Germany)
by Annette Jung & Gregor Dashuber *

Edgar Allan Poe's story in lively animation.

Still from 'A Newly Made Bed'. A Newly Made Bed (Sweden)
by Sebastian Agdur & Andreas Tillnert *

Stormy relationships and a good liar ...
an interesting tale.

Still from 'Its Not That I Know Thats Just The Way It Is'. It's Not That I Know, That's Just The Way It Is (Croatia)
by Tanja Golic *

Basically a couple arguing about whether or not to
go out ...

  • After the Water (Russia) by Aleksei, Viacheslav, Nina, Igor Zaitsev
    family history linked to beautiful shots of a river.
  • Resounding Wood (Switzerland) by Hans Schober
    the making of a Swiss Alphenhorn, the director appeared
    on stage afterwards in full costume and played the horn.
  • Tomorrow (Belgium) by Ronny Claus
    father has dementia, daughter takes him to a home, there
    he meets an old flame ...
  • Come Back Home (Russia) by Childrens Studio "Raduga"
    a young man returns home and remembers a terrible childhood.
  • The Other Chosen People (Luxembourg) by Guido Haesen
    the Christian community in Ethiopia regard themselves as the other
    chosen people.
  • Lack of Control (Spain) by Sergio Moreno
    how much do you really know about the people you work with?

* film school

Bronze Medals

Still from 'Reasons'. Reasons (UK)
by Alan Colegrave

Drama telling of a tv style investigation
into the truth behind a tragedy

Still from 'Packin It In'. Packin' It In (Netherlands)
by T. Off Producties

She finds it hard to accept that the
relationship is over ...

Still from 'African Patchwork'. African Patchwork (Italy)
Nedo Zanotti

Animated re-telling of a child's story.

Still from 'Melissa'. Melissa (Germany)
by Figen Ünsal

A young girl wanting a sexual awakening.

Still from 'In Golf We Trust'. In Golf We Trust (Argentina)
by Pablo Mazzeo y Gustavo Kaplan

Funny story set on the golf-course.

Still from 'Balkon Story'. Balkon Story (Czech Republic)
by Jirí Nebos

Will plausible lies help the lover
escape the husband's wrath?

Still from 'Morning is coming soon'. Morning Is Coming Soon (Finland)
by Arttu Haglund

How do you feel about music
in the morning?

Still from 'Scream Room'. Scream Room (Iran)
by Shaida Zarinfam
(to see it click here)

Animation about life and death.

Still from 'Black Hand, White Bread'. Black Hand, White Bread (Iran)
by Javad Mozdabadi (to see it click here)

Someone has to do the nasty jobs.

Still from 'Omega III'. Omega III (Sweden)
by K-G Stenborg

TV was never quite like this before!

Still from 'Monstrance'. Monstrance (Slovakia)
by Mariana Cengel - Solcanská *

Stealing from a church is dangerous...

Poster for 'Personal Space'. Personal Space (Estonia)
by Leeni Linna (to see a trailer click here) *

A woman remembers her childhood and
tries to revise it.

Still from 'Madame Reve'. Madame Réve (Czech Republic)
by Hana Roguljicova

An animated doll.

Still from 'Urban Fangs'. Urban Fangs (Tunisia)
by Marouen Meddeb

Dog and cock fights.

  • Play On Doma (South Korea) by Min Shin Ju
    Clever, funny animation of kitchen utensils complete with
    a 'Kill Bill' joke.
  • Sanchisung Dodang Exorcism (South Korea) by Jin OK Kim
    A traditional ceremony.
  • The Story Of Sadako (Belgium) by André Lion
    The Hiroshima child whose paper-folded cranes became
    a symbol of that atomic tragedy and also of hope.
  • About Three Crosses (Slovakia) by Timocko Rastislav
    An animated moral story.
  • At Last Saturday! (Italy) by Maria Pia Cinelli
    In theory the chance for a housewife to rest...
  • The Shell (Tunisia) by Sabrine Herrira
    A tramp finds an old bathtub to use as a shelter, but it is taken
    and re-appears as an art object in a gallery!
  • Rebel's Art (Switzerland) by Markus Wendtlandt
    A graffitti artist finds love but then is caught ....
  • Adam's Teams (France) by Jean Marie Desry & Bertini Sterckman
    Huskies help wayward youngsters learn responsibility.
  • Water Becomes A Cloud (Latvia) by Vents Grinbaunis *
    A gathering of old people.
  • The Vanity Of The Fireflys (Argentina) by Gabriel Stagnaro *
    A gang member loses his rat and dies.

* film school

Special Prizes

  • The Most Interesting Programme Award went to Iran.
  • The Prix Fellini went to Morgenrot (Dawn) from Switzerland.
  • Best Direction went to Jan Baca for Behind the Door.
  • Best Idea went to Alan Atkinson for Extinction Event.
  • Best Photography went to the Zaitsev family's After the Water.
  • Best Actress went to Darija Lorenc in It's not that I know, That's just the way it is (Croatia)
  • Best Actor went to the lead in Tomorrow (Belgium
Still from 'Morgenrot'. Prix Fellini (for the best film about
human relationships) to Morgenrot (Dawn)
by Susanne Sturzenegger - Switzerland

A teenage girl is involved in neo Nazi
activity but a spell of community service
changes her.

Still from 'Plan B'. 2nd in the knock-out audience vote competition
for best one-minute movie:
Plan B
by Clive Atkinson - UK

What happens when the airlock automatically
closes ...

For details of our tour of South Korea click here.

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