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The logo for UNICA 2010.

It was hot!

UNICA is about bringing people together

UNICA was established to bring together people from different countries through their shared enthusiasm for amateur film. Its aim is to encourage peace between nations. Although we often think of the week long event as a "festival" or "competition" it is officially known as a "congress" - a coming together.

People from four nations together at UNICA 2011.
People from UK, Italy, South Korea
and Spain get together.

Ron and Joy Prosser.
UK Chairman Ron Prosser and his
wife Joy on the excursion boat.

Max Haenslii and Vladimir Iliev.
Swiss UNICA Hon. President
meets Bulgaria's Delegate.

The Theatre des Capucins.Inside the Theatre des Capucins.Quite unexpectedly, the sun was sizzling which made Luxembourg city very attractive and very warm.

Most events took place in the Theatre des Capucins. The building was originally built to house Capucin monks, but later saw use as a warehouse, barracks and now a theatre for experimental performance. It is gradually being improved, but sadly for us the air-conditioning system was scheduled for fitting in 2012! The balcony gave an excellent view of subtitles (mainly in English) but was like having a free sauna thrown into the cinema experience.

The films were pretty hot too. There were few that did not please the audience and many which excited good-natured discussion in the breaks.

Old steel plant now an industrial museum. John and Jane Gibbs. Some of ther European Union buildings.
The optional opening and closing banquets are a chance to get together with friends and to meet new people, as are all the meal breaks during the week and especially the outings.  In Luxembourg we had a full day outing, first visiting that part of the city which houses the international institutions, going on to a former heavy-industry area being converted to a museum and shopping centre, having a boat trip on the Moselle River and ending the day at a restaurant and wine-cellar.
Peter Rouillard. Gerald Mee. Sandra from Croatia.

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Page updated on 15 July 2012
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