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Awards - Special, Gold & Silver

Special Awards

Most interesting national programme: Argentinia
Best Film overall: Nocturn
Best Actor: Jim Nilsson in Eddie
Best Actress: Marissa Hosa in Nocturn
Best film by a young person: Speechless by Adrian Copitzky & Felix Fai▀t & Frank Kaya
UNESCO Prize ("Delmiro de Caralt"): Forgotten by the World by Doris Dvorak

Gold Medal Winners

Still from 'Busy'. Still from 'Nocturn'.

Busy by Felix von Seefranz

Nocturn by Jan Baca

Still from 'Shared Beds'. Still from 'Teclopolis'.

Shared Beds by  Lluc Guell &
Paula Morellˇ

Teclopolis by Javier Mrad

Silver Medal Winners

Still from 'Brutal Romance'.

Still from 'The Collector'.

Still from 'Convergent'.

Brutal Romance
by Shavarsh Hambardzumyan

Collector, The
by Jef Caelen

by Alejandro Portaz

Still from 'Decay'.

Still from 'Eddie'.

Still from 'Enemy of Fate'.

by Yury Kotovoy

by Sebastian Lindblad & Louise Berg

Enemy of Fate
by Ondrej Krejear
(Czech Republic)

Still from 'Elisabeth Von Ungern-Sternmeer'.

Still from 'Forgotten by the World'.

Still from 'Innocence Lost'.

Elisabeth Von Ungern-Sternmeer
by Vallo Toomia

Forgotten by the World
by Doris Dvorak

Innocence Lost
by Francesco Giusiani

Still from 'Insula'.

Still from 'Not Blue'.

Still from 'The Song'.

by Eric Alexander

Not Blue
by Nathalie ┴lvarez & Robin Eriksson

The Song
by Dima Ilieva

Still from 'Speechless'.

Still from 'Still a Part of You'.

Still from 'The Suitcase They Left Behind'.

by Adrian Copitzky & Felix
Fai▀t & Frank Kaya

Still a Part of You
by Renaud Ducoing

Suitcase They Left Behind, The
by Paul Rousset

Still from 'The Trap'.

Still from 'Who is Echegoyen?'

The Trap
by Bob Lorrimer
(United Kingdom)

Who is Echegoyan
by Sergio Teubal

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