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British Entries

Two Bronze Medals, a Diploma of Honour and a Special Script Award

Each nation is allowed about an hour and must allow a couple of minutes between films for the jury to make notes. Our programme for 2013 was:
Still from the introduction film.
by Brian Dunckley
Before showing its programme, each nation may show an introduction. For several years Mr. Dunckley has got our shows off to a great start with witty introductions.

Still from 'War of Words'.

War of Words

by Eleanor Smith & Abigail Harris

A simple word game? It depends on your attitude! Two young film makers from the Wales High School, near  Sheffield settled on this simple but effective idea.
Still from 'The Jumblies'.

The Jumblies
by Robert Duncan & Alan Fenemore

An affectionate tribute to artist, poet Edward Lear born 200 years ago. The film is far more than a recording of Duncan's artistry - artist and film maker work in harmony.
The film won a Diploma of Honour.
Still from 'No Regrets'.
No Regrets

by Alfie Barker

A confused old lady  makes breakfast. She finds a note which seems to say that she must phone her son. This was the second year Alfie, a young man from Leeds, has had a film at UNICA.
The film won a Bronze Medal.
Still from 'The Test'.
The Test

by Wales High School's Film & Animation Club

These students plan a new way to deal with their maths exam. With the guidance of Liam Sanderson this is a group project by promising young film makers.

Still from 'The Prophecy'.
The Prophecy

by XDL Films

The latest in their series of 'George and Doris' comedies this features their niece Ruth, whose grasp of corporate babble means she can easily explain to them how the Government  is dealing with a dreadful threat to the planet.

Still from 'The Egg'.

The Egg
by Robert Lorrimer

A shamed politician avoids the paparazzi in a secret location. Time for breakfast. Bob's films have often represented UK at festivals abroad. His beautiful photography supplements British humour perfectly.
Still from 'The Robbery'.

The Robbery

by Walthamstow Amateur Cine Video Club
The owner of a small sweetshop and tobacconist has had to learn how to handle robbery attempts. At heart a simple comedy this makes extraordinarily good use of green-screen.
The film won a Bronze Medal and a Special Award for a Remarkable Script.

British entries in the World Minute Movie Cup

Both our entries were by film makers with past success at UNICA. While the main programme is assessed by a panel of judges, the one-minute contest is chosen by audience vote. Films are drawn from a hat to decide the order in which the play-off heats show them ... so luck as well as fickle public opinion play a part in deciding the winner.

Sadly this time neither of our entries made it through the knock-out process to the semi-finals.

Still from 'A Dogs Life'.
A Dog's Life

by Alan Atkinson
& Michael Ridgway

Man's best friend sometimes shares man's characteristics.

Still from 'Strange Ways'.

by Pam Baker

A couple's 40th wedding anniversary evokes memories.

Previous UNICAs || Event Report | Many of the films screened at UNICA can be seen here
The British contribution | The Results