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The UNICA logo.UNICA 2017

in Dortmund, Germany 5th - 12th August

Welcome to Germany and the World Movie Contest 

... in a coal mine!

Zeche Zollern.

UNICA moves from country to country each year and has met in some interesting venues ... but this is its first coal-mine. Don't worry, no hard-hats or canaries needed. Dortmund was once the heart of a huge coal-mining area. One of the larger companies was called Zollern and they built their headquarters around a busy mine. It has been called an industrial cathedral. The headquarters is now a museum of industrial architecture ... and a cultural centre. It has meeting halls, fine projection ... and one of the popular German chain of restaurants called Pferdestall (Stables).

Full details on the special website:www.unica2017.com

The remarkable venue means all we need is on one site ... except the hotels. There is a modestly priced Days Inn 10 minutes walk away, but our German hosts are organising shuttle buses to go to and from a wide range of hotels. The one they recommend most is Vienna House Easy (Castrop-Rauxel) - in a neighbouring suburb - 85 EUR per night/single room, 95 EUR per night/double room. Their website is www.viennahouse.com

There will be excursions during the week - including a chance for some football enthusiasts to visit the stadium of Berussia Dortmund. But we are there primarily for the films.  Each nation has 60 minutes to present its programme. Some show only one or two major films. Others screen 5 or 6 short works. Plus the fun contest for the World Minute Movie Cup where the audience votes in a knockout contest for the best 60-second film.

As Britons we have an advantage ... most nations recognise that English is the most widely understood tongue and either use our language or subtitle in it. On the odd occasions when that is not the case, it is surprising how much of a film you can understand with a simple note in the brochure and by seeing the drama or documentary unfold. For all the announcements and information there is simultaneous translation through headsets.

We also love meeting other film enthusiasts. There are opening and closing galas with entertainments and banquets plus one whole day and one half-day excursion. The cost for all of this is 200Euros before 1st June and 220 after that.

You only need a passport and Euros.


Dortmund has its own modest airport. Easyjet flies direct from Luton to Dortmund. Ryanair flies directly from Stansted to Dortmund.

The neighbouring town of Dusseldorf has a major airport with direct flights from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Newcastle, Leeds-Bradford, Manchester, East Midlands, Birmingham, London City, Heathrow,  Bristol, Cardiff and Southampton. 

If you and friends organise a shuttle bus the trip from Dusseldorf to Dortmund takes 45 minutes. If you travel by train it takes about 80 minutes.

There are many websites which will search air fares for you. (We like www.expedia.co.uk and the amazing www.rome2rio.com which also suggests routes by ferry, rail and road.)

Those and many other websites can also book you hotels giving you a bargain deal on flights and hotels combined. But check the value. The locals tell me you will be hard pressed to beat the deals they have arranged at the recommended hotels.  See the accommodation section of www.unica2017.com

Who can come?

Anyone! If you like films, if you like travel, if you like good company ... some and join us.

You will find the necessary registration form on their website www.unica2017.com towards the end of 2016.

We find the cheapest way to send the fee for the Congress Card (ticket)is by www.transferwise.com

Portrait of Dave Watterson.

UNICA's president is our own
Dave Watterson,
who looks forward to welcoming you.

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Page updated on 14 September 2016
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