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The making of Finding the Holy Grail

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Werner Van den Bulck was a member of the final judging panel for BIAFF 2008, when - naturally - he did not submit a film. In 2009 he submitted two: Death Game which got 5-Stars and Finding the Holy Grail? which got 3-Stars.  To read about the fomer - click here

Finally I can think about new subjects

Still from 'Finding the Holy Grail?'.
"Finding the Holy Grail?"

I bought my first film camera when I was 16.

Later I went to the HRITCS, a film school in Brussels, and started working for the BRT, our national television company, as a video- editor. The formats we use were 1 inch-tape, betacam SP followed by betacam sx. Ten years later I became a cameraman. First I worked for 3 years in the production studios and I've been working for the last 12 years as a cameraman for the news and information programmes.

Although my profession is cameraman-editor, I still enjoy very much making amateur movies. In my spare-time I like to make films about subjects that really interest me. One of these subjects is the future of our planet and what can I, as an individual, do to make it a better world to live in.

Another important factor is, I want to make movies on my own because I want to be able to film when I have the time to do so. I want to work independent of other people. I only asked for some help when it was absolutely necessary.

In 1982, I met a very special man, Wessel di Wesselli.

Still from 'Finding the Holy Grail?'.He had, and still has, very interesting ideas that make you start thinking about many things in our daily life. In those days he was very controversial. For example he promised 1,000,000 Belgian francs (17,000 pounds) to anyone who could prove that his invention didn't work.

So, graduating from film school I wanted to make a commercial documentary about him, his invention and ideas but, I had no money to finance the movie and didn't find any sponsors either, so the whole project was put to rest.

But, 20 years later, I found my notes again, contacted the inventor and found him in Antwerp, still inventing and producing all kinds of studies around his invention.

Actually I wanted to make a portrait of Wessel himself, the man alone is so entertaining and amusing, only, he didn't want to do this. He only wanted to cooperate if I would make a documentary about his work.

So, in November 2004, I started filming and five years later I stopped editing this documentary.

Some even reacted with hysterics !

Still from 'Finding the Holy Grail?'.It was very difficult finding specialists who wanted to comment on Wessel di Wesselli's invention. Why ? Because in all those years, Wessel had almost stalked them with letters, papers, visits and discussion sessions, so they were all fed up with him and some even reacted with hysterics !

But finally I found one professor who wanted to cooperate with me, it would be his final words on this subject.

So, I used Wessel and his invention to get the attention of the viewer and wove his story and ideas into a scenario that leads us to the realistic and scientifically true solutions that can solve our energy problems.

Only, it has become a rather difficult documentary for everyone to understand. But I think it is not necessary that one understands everything that is explained in the film. The most important point is, that there are solutions and all together, we can do something about it !

There is a future !

For Death Game I said that I use a Panasonic DVX100, well, I specially bought this camera to make this documentary. In 2004, high definition and 16:9 were just an upcoming format. The Panasonic DVX200 which can film 16:9 and HD came on the market 2 years later.

And now, after having realised this documentary, I can finally, after 20 years, think about new subjects to work on…

- Werner Van den Bulck

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Page updated on 06 October 2011
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