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The making of Flicker

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Flicker by Hamish Anderson got a 4-Stars Award and Best 60-Second Award at BIAFF 2009. It was chosen to represent Britain in the World Minute Movie Cup at UNICA 2009.
The film features the director's father Peter Anderson.

27 takes to perfect

Flicker offers a filmic representation of a moment in the life of the pioneering photographer, Eadweard Muybridge*.

Portrait of Hamish Anderson.
Hamish Anderson

Still from 'Flicker'. I am studying television production at Bournemouth University. My passion for short films was most likely born through using my father’s (film artist Peter Anderson) Sony PD 150 Camera from the young age of 12. I created three art films at school for my art A level projects, one being a documentary made in Zambia with UNICEF. Since being at university, I have gained much experience working on projects and collaborating with some talented individuals. The latest was a two week documentary film shoot in the Anti-Atlas Mountains of Morocco, which is now in post production and looks to be a 35 minute piece. Still from 'Flicker'.
Still from 'Flicker'. I live in England near Oxford, and the film set for Flicker was created in our home there. As Flicker is all one continuous shot it took 27 takes to perfect, which was not made any easier by the skateboard tracking system!

All the sound effects used were created through Foley**, and added afterwards.

Still from 'Flicker'.
Still from 'Flicker'. Aside from filmmaking, my other creative areas are drawing and design, hence I drew the dogs in the film with a fine black pen, and also made the Zoetrope (the spinning device that the dogs sit in) in the workshop. The dog itself didn’t get a credit in the film, so definitely deserves a mention here for her elegant running. She is our whippet named Willow who is our loyal family pet. For a film with no budget I feel that Flicker was a great success in the ruthless format of 60 seconds, where you have to make every moment count.

- Hamish Anderson

Still from 'Flicker'.

* Eadweard Muybridge (1830-1904) was a pioneer of photography and of moving pictures. He was born Edward Muggeridge but changed his name for professional purposes. He invented the Zoopraxiscope device which is  often considered to be the first moving picture projector. It used images on a circle of glass. The Zoetrope shown in the film is of a type that can be traced back to Ting Huan who made one in China around 180 AD. It was popularised in the mid 19th century and given the name by American entrepreneur William F. Lincoln.

** Named after early sound man, Jack Foley, who created it, this is the system of adding everyday sounds to a movie - which is often more practical and effective than trying to record them at the time of the shoot.

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