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The making of Quand Paola Part

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Quand Paola Part  (When Paola Leaves) by Claude Saussereau got a 5-star award at BIAFF 2009. Claude could not attend BIAFF but in July he comes to work in a primary school in Lincoln, which may explain the delay before he makes his next movie.

Dialogue and story were born in my imagination

Still from 'Quand Paola Part'.I live in a little village called Volnay in the Sarthe region of France. Volnay is 200 km South-West of Paris. I am the headteacher in a primary school and have three children of my own.

I wrote the scenario in 2006 and over the next year I prepared the movie. When I was 20 years old, I worked in a little petrol station every week-end to pay for my studies. Over two years there, I saw many people and met many different characters. That is the idea of the movie.  After the initial idea, the dialogue and the story were born in my imagination.

Still from 'Quand Paola Part'. Still from 'Quand Paola Part'. Still from 'Quand Paola Part'.

As for casting, I advertised in Paris and I found Raphaël Almosni (Albert) and Rémy d'Arcangelo (Billy). For the other characters, I used people I had known in my regions for a long time. I set up a team to shoot the film. I had ten people to help me.

Shooting 'Quand Paola Part'.I shot the film in a former petrol station during two weeks. The garage location is in a village near Volnay which is called Tresson.

Part of the music had been composed by a friend, Richard Hovaere. Another part is "Histoire d'un amour" . The music was recorded in a studio.

I edited the film with the sofware Edius Pro 3.

I have a website ( http://aufilmdesmots.free.fr ) and I organise a festival in my country "Le festival des 24 courts" (The 24 Shorts Festival).

Now, I prepare an other film, I would like to make it in 2010.

- Claude Saussereau

Notes: You can download the script for Quand Paola Part from the website - it is, naturally, in French. Claude's most recent production was Pour 'l'amour de Jeanne (For the Love of Jeanne). You can see an extract from Quand Paola Part  here.

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Page updated on 06 October 2011
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