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The making of The Scenario of True Nature

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The Scenario of True Nature by Young Uee Yoo got a 4-Stars Award at BIAFF 2009.

Every problem can be solved

The film was made under the auspices of The CHAM Film Research Institute, which was founded in December 2005. ("Cham" means "true" or "real" in Korean.) Its basis is that "the phenomenal world in which we are living is a film itself". In 2006 they made Present Bought by Soap and ran two workshops. Members attended the 2006 UNICA festival in South Korea. In 2007 they made Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form which was shown at UNICA 2007 and went on to win a medal at the Seoul Short Film festival. Their 2008 production is The Scenario of True Nature.

The director's career

A portrait of the director.I'm a Buddhist monk, and currently the Head of the International zen Center and Daehaesa Temple.

What fields of interest do you have apart from film?

The only things that warrant my attention are personal emancipation, world peace, and the security of Earth. These are the main reasons that I make films, and the sole purpose of all the works I've been doing.

For instance, aside from films, I've written a textbook on the 'Inherent Existence of Life', which is being taught in some schools in South Korea. With textbooks distributed all over the world, I want everyone to know that from childhood people are one, despite their appearances, and ultimately make it possible for the entire human race to have a peaceful and stable existence. Since I make films with the very same purpose, my films are based on reality and fact. The contents are based on Inherent Existence. Thus, the films I make are real, not virtual.

There's no such thing as assumption. All is true. Under difficult conditions, Inherent Existence, which is invisible, has to be expressed in images, symbols and metaphors. Everything is true and real, and when you realise the truth you will be able to understand these symbols and metaphors through images.

What made you choose this theme?

If you stick to the principles of Inherent Existence, every problem can be solved.

I chose this theme to encourage people to live by the principles of Inherent Existence rather than enduring a troublesome life.

Every single creation can be regarded as a living film played by the absolute origin of Inherent Existence. However, Inherent Existence is a single undivisible unit and it's inherit in ourselves. It rises above time and space, and it has unlimited abilities. Therefore anyone who realises this Inherent Existence will understand that no creations can have two different parts and yet live a peaceful and comfortable life.

At first the main character tries to solve various problems through positive law, but this ends in vain, so he asks advice from me. He listens to and acts on my words, "All living things are not two different things, thus your little brother and you are not two different beings." From then on he found that he was in control and felt comfortable in any social setting. The issue of inheritant division was solved and after another conflict with his brother, he applies the principle of "2 things aren't different" and follows his brother's will. The brother insists on his own opinion, but sees his big brother's compassion, and is impressed. He reflects on himself and comes to admire his big brother, By solving these problems the main character realises the wisdom of Sutra. He never loses his temper over anything, his family gets along amicably and good things begin to happen around him. Just like the main character, once one realises that no creations are two different things, one can live a comfortable and free life.

I chose this theme wishing, and hoping that, everyone will understand the principles of " two things aren't different" so people can find truth, solve his or her problems, and live a happy life.

Was there any difficulty in the course of making the film?

As the Inherent Existence, origin of all creation, is nothing visible or tangible, it was hard for me to share my know ledge on the subject. Accordingly, there were some instances when they were expressed in other ways. But it was just a matter of time until we could make it work.

Are you a quick film-maker or a slow and steady one?

When things quicken, I speed up. But for parts which require devotion, I take an entire day.

Do you have any plans for future films?

My next film will be about the Bible.

The title Completion of Life: Reasons for the arrival of Adam, is based on the Bible. As the story goes; everyone recieves salvation or resurrection to make 'a completion of life.'

I'll continue making films containing the truth with themes such as Buddhist Hwaeomgyung Sutra, Temporal World, Heaven, Black Holes & White Holes, Creationism & Evolutionism, Series of Socrates, allowing people to understand the inherent existence of life.

How have your viewers responded?

This is my second film which is derived from my first one, Form is Emptiness, Emptiness is Form.

Two different opinions came out of the first film probably because it carried metaphorical and implicative contents about inherent existence. In some film festivals it was given a splendid reception and received awards, but it didn't attract much attention at other film festivals. However ,as this second film deals with a real story of inheritant division, it can be commonly experienced by people all over the world. It has gained huge sympathy and high appraisal at many film festivals. There were plenty of viewers who said, "It was a story about me and I was so pleased to find answers that I had never expected."

Most people try to solve problems within positive laws. By doing this, not only do they go through several conflicts and hardships, but they also fail to solve the problem and make even bigger ones. With the law of nature, there's no problem you cannot solve. The main character of this film was also in a difficult situation without a solution. But through the principles of "Everything is one", he could efficiently solve his problems. I believe that when everyone realises this truth, that no thing is two different entities, then we will live together peacefully and comfortably, and in the end we can achieve world peace.

How was the film was shot?

A SONY HVR-Z1N camera was used in the making of this film. However, another film is currently under way, and it is possible that different cameras and lenses will be needed. In that case, I'll use equipment that's best suited to my needs.

For the most part it was shot using a tripod, except for a few specific scenes that should depict the main character's anxious state of mind, which were taken handheld.

The editing tool we're currently using is AVID MEDIA COMPOSER with which we are satisfied with which has allowed us to express whatever we have wanted to .

- Young Uee Yoo

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Page updated on 06 October 2011
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