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Know someone who deserves a Fellowship?

The IAC honours its prominent members with a Fellowship. The Articles of Association state in rather formal terms that Fellows may be elected: "in recognition of eminence or special knowledge of, or experience in, some branch of cinematography, audio or visual art, or of special service to the Institute". In less formal terms it means that we take the opportunity of recognising and thanking those members without whom our hobby and Institute would be the poorer.

Michael Gough and Val Ellis.

Current Fellowships Officer,
Michael Gough,
already the
holder of an FACI,
receiving his FACI(M) award
from IAC President,
Val Ellis

Nominations can be made at any time but are considered by Council prior to possible presentation at the Spring BIAFF Festival or the Autumn IAC AGM Festival. A nominee must have been a full and individual member for at least 5 years.

If you wish to nominate a member please write to Michael Gough FACI(M) IAC Fellowships Officer, 23 Meadow Lane, East Herrington, Sunderland SR3 3RQ. (e-mail fellowships@theiac.org.uk). It is nice to keep the nomination a secret so please don't ask the nominee how long they have been members (they may get suspicious). We can check the records in the Office.

What we do need though are the names of the proposer and seconder with name and address of the nominee. Your nomination letter should include a report of the nominee's activities in terms of their film-making successes and the support work that they have given to the IAC and the hobby at all levels.

The application is dealt with in confidence. If it is supported by the Fellowship sub-committee it will be presented to the IAC Council and the Proposer and Seconder will be informed of the outcome.

The successful candidate will then be informed by the Chairman and arrangements will be made for a convenient presentation.

So look around. Perhaps you have a potential Fellow in your Club or Region.

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