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Map highlighting the North Thames IAC region.

North Thames Region of IAC

The North Thames Region covers an area North of the line of the River Thames into Greater London (North), Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire.  There are some 222 members and 34 affiliated Clubs, Societies and Schools.

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Contact for the Region
from whom further information on all aspects of North Thames Region may be obtained:
Penny Love FACI Tel: 01707 656446

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If you need more information email  admin@theiac.org.uk for details.

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The North Thames Council 2020-22

Regional Contact
Knock out Competition Officer
100 Club Officer
John Howden LACI
Brenda Granshaw FACI
Penny Love FACI
John Astin FACI
Brenda Granshaw FACI
Bob Chester
Vice Chairman
Publicity Officer
Annual Competition Officer

Christine Collins FACI
Brenda Granshaw FACI
Eric Jukes
Geoff Foord

There will be no Annual Competition, Festival or AGM during 2021. The Council hopes to be able to run the Knockout and Annual Competitions and the AGM later in 2022.

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   North Thames Newsletters to read on-line or download

   (In pdf format.)

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