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  BIAFF 2010 Awards Selection 1       (Library ref no. 107)

Compilation by Val Ellis, reviews by Michael Gough.

This is the first selection of entries from the BIAFF 2010 Competition. The Awards range from 4-Stars to the main competition winner, with all styles of film-making. The heart of the programme is a very hard-hitting thriller which won the Daily Mail Trophy. Some club audiences may find it uncomfortable but it is extremely well told. There is also some light relief in this selection from animation, comedy, documentary and a charming Polish film.

1. Still from 'Bus Baby'.BUS BABY
Jason Hasford & Gino Evans (Manchester)

What would it be like if babies could talk? The best films often start with a simple idea. In this case, the makers made it work through the clever use of special effects to amuse and tell a powerful message.

IAC Four Star, 2010
(preview it online)


2. Still from 'Vicious Culture'.VICIOUS CULTURE
John Blight (Rhyl, North Wales)

From Jamie's opening monologue, we are treated to a superbly acted tour de force. Even when they try to avoid it, two brothers are caught in the trap of organised crime. The casual violence is shocking but fits the scenario of this thriller which deservedly won the Daily Mail Trophy for the Best Entry in the Competition.

IAC Diamond, Best British Entry, Daily Mail Trophy Winner 2010

Note: The producers of this film describe its age suitability to be 15 years or over because of strong language and violence.
(article on making it)


3. Still from 'Days Away'.DAYS AWAY
Circle Eight Film Group (Guildford, Surrey)

A charming animation inspired by the old fashioned British Rail travel posters.

(4 Stars) (Best Animation) 2010
(article on making it) ( preview it online)


4. Still from 'Between'.BETWEEN
Michal Stenzel & Anna Kasperska (Poland)

A wonderful feel good' story with universal appeal and relevance. The location is a drab block of flats, where the various inhabitants along the corridor live isolated lives until an eccentric old lady arrives. The universal language of film with camera movement and lighting adds greatly to the plot development. A simple tale brilliantly told.

IAC Diamond, Best Story 2010
(article on making it) (preview it online)

15 mins

5. Still from 'Enigma'.ENIGMA
Clive Atkins, (Sutton Coldfield)

A well researched and produced documentary about the World War II code breakers at Bletchley Park.

5 Stars BIAFF 2010
(article on making it)


6. Still from 'Clint'.CLINT
Florian Gregor & Philipp Scholz (Germany)

Clint is addicted to cigarettes but his girlfriend has other ideas - its either her or the fags! What a choice! Can he give up the cigarettes to save his love life? Or can he keep smoking without Mia finding out? What has fate got in store for him?

IAC Diamond, Best Editing, Best Comedy, BIAFF 2010
(article on making it) (preview it online)


Total running time 83 mins. DVD or MiniDV tape.

Price £7.50.  

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