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  BIAFF 2010 Awards Selection 2       (Library ref no. 108)

Compilation by Val Ellis
Reviews by Michael Gough

This is the second selection of entries from the BIAFF 2010 Competition.

1. Still from 'Rock Bottom'.ROCK BOTTOM
Robert Lorrimer (West Yorkshire)

The fascinating thing about Robertís work is that he shoots and acts alone in many of his films, including this one. You will be impressed by the photography but just imagine the problems of ensuring the perfect framing of yourself, through a distant lens, probably in more than one take, while ensuring no incongruous footprints on the pristine sand. Brilliant and witty. A great start to the evening.

IAC Five Star, 2010. UNICA selection 2010
(article on making it)  (preview it online)


Phil Martin (Berkshire)

A touristís view of this fascinating city, part beauty, part the everyday activities of a working environment. As Phil shows you sometimes have to get up very early to get the most interesting shots.

IAC Four Star, 2010


3. Still from 'Courier'.COURIER
John Taff (South Yorkshire)

Children on the periphery of an urban drug culture is a difficult subject to be tackled by a young film-maker, but John displays his fresh talent and richly deserved his Young Film-maker awards.

IAC Five Star, 2010 UNICA selection 2010
(article on making it) (preview it online)


4. LETTERS FROM THE FRONT Still from 'Letters from the Front'.
Ron Prosser (Sussex)

This is the full length original film (Ron later re-edited to fit different Competition rules) Kate and Robert buy a new house but she has a sense of unease and searches the premises for clues. The almost subliminal sounds which disturb her certainly deserved their own special award, along with Rachelís acting in this superior drama.

IAC Diamond, Best Actor, Most Creative Use of Sound 2010 UNICA 2010 Bronze Medal
(article on making it)

47 mins

5. Still from 'Vanishing Wilderness'.VANISHING WILDERNESS
Guido Haesen, (Luxemburg)

If you are not often moved by nature films this could change your mind. A beautifully filmed story of the plight of polar bears in a world of shrinking sea ice. It deservedly got the award for best photography but donít ignore the soundtrack, partly created in post production to avoid the noise of the ceaseless wind.

IAC Diamond, Best Photography 2010
(article on making it)


6. Still from 'Final Justice'.FINAL JUSTICE
Southport Moviemakers (Merseyside)

A well above average Club film, with changing moods, excellent acting, a delightful script, red herrings and a wonderful twist in the end.

Five stars, Best entry from an Affiliated Club, BIAFF 2010


7. JUST SOMEONEStill from 'Just Someone'.
Nuneaton Movie Makers

This is the film that went on to win the UNICA One Minute Competition. What would you do if you were suspicious of that phrase ďJust SomeoneĒ.

IAC Four Stars, Best 60 Second Movie. UNICA best minute movie.

1. min

Total running time 82 mins. DVD or MiniDV tape.

Price £7.50.  

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Page updated on 16 May 2013
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