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  BIAFF 2010 Awards Selection 3 - two disk set.       (Library ref no. 109)

Compilation by Val Ellis. BIAFF 2010 selection three is rather different. It is available as a double set of DVDs only. As a number of clubs have asked for programmes with only short films in and many of our top winners are long this combination allows different programmes to suit all needs.
Reviews by Michael Gough.

DISC A - 16:9 format

1. Still from 'Sidewinder'. SIDEWINDER
Phil Martin (Berkshire)

Phil describes the category as being “for children” …. but we can all remember the fantasy of childhood role playing. However it is not often that our dreams come true in such a dramatic way.

IAC Five Star, 2010. UNICA bronze medal 2010
(article on making it)


2. IN THE GRIP OF KHAT Still from 'In the Grip of Khat'.
Jean-Pierre Hue (France)

This excellent documentary reveals the background to a little known problem. The growth of stimulant addiction derived from chewing Khat leaves in Yemen has devastating effects on the wider community. Jean-Pierre’s understanding is achieved through astoundingly impressive access to the people he portrays.

IAC Diamon and Best Documentary, 2010

(article on making it)


DISC B- 4:3 format (some letterboxed)

3. Still from 'Shooting on a Shoestring'.SHOOTING ON A SHOESTRING
Michael Slowe (London)

Michael was invited to make a fly on the wall documentary of a commercial film being shot in London. This is a fascinating glimpse at what being in the film industry really means.

IAC Four Star, 2010
(article on making it)


4. RAINBOW ANGELStill from 'Rainbow Angel'.
Anna Kasten (Germany)

A brilliant example of how to get the best from a young child actor in a particularly difficult scenario. The boy narrates how his brother’s skin is covered with bruises, without understanding the bullying which is the cause. The ending is emotionally moving yet sensitively only reflected in the boys passive face. (with subtitles)

IAC Four Star 2010 UNICA 2000 Silver Medal

7 mins

Barbara & Bernhard Zimmermann, (Germany)

The Berlin Wall comes down, but what changes will follow. A kaleidoscope of images and sound, punctuated only by the voices of those who remembered the first few hours of freedom. (with subtitles)

IAC Four Stars 2010


Ian McDougall (Berkshire)

A beautifully enigmatic view of the masked characters in the Venice Carnival.

IAC Three Stars 2010

Lyrical Fantasy

7. Still from 'My Point of View'.MY POINT OF VIEW - A Diabetic Journey
Tim Jones (Kent)

A very personal documentary about a ballet dancer who has a heel amputated following Type 1 diabetes. Fiona’s story is used as the focus in this well structured revelation on what the implications of this disease can be.

IAC Diamond, 2010
(article on making it)


8. BEAUTIFUL SOUNDSStill from 'Beautiful Sounds'.
Brian Dunckley (Tyne and Wear)

Brian enjoys himself playing with his library of sound effects, while his actress reveals some of the secrets behind putting on a beautiful face.

IAC Four Stars

3. min

Total running time 100 mins. DVD.

Price £7.50.  

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