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  BIAFF 2011 awards 3       (Library ref no. 116)
N.B. Sent out as one hire with awards 1, 2 and 4.

This is Set 2 of 4 DVDs with the top award winners from the festival as screened at BIAFF 2011, in the Cairn Hotel, Harrogate. Click here for Festival Report.
Compilation by Val Ellis (Video Selector) Reviews by Michael Gough. These are all in the 16:9 format.

1. Still from 'Anatomy of a Song'.ANATOMY OF A SONG
Philip Bridge (Buckingham)

The visual aspects of post production and editing are used well to illustrate the creative talents of writing and recording a new song.

Five Stars, BIAFF 2011 (articles on making it)


2. Still from 'The Exchange'.THE EXCHANGE
The Partners: Karen Cherrington, Alan Robinson, John James, Susan James, Neville Withers, Terry Tkachuk (Middlesex)

A complex thriller that successfully baffled many of the audience. A world of shadows. She's got it … they want it …. Filmed in black and white.

Five Stars,  BIAFF 2011  (article on making it)


3. Still from 'A Gentle Woman'.A GENTLE WOMAN
Phil Martin (Ascot)

In this simple story of an elderly lady and her greedy son the excellent dialogue and acting bring out every nuance of their relationship. We might guess who will win, and even will her on, but the result is a heart warming story.

Four Stars, BIAFF 2011 (article on making it) (preview it online)

Comedy Drama

Spring Park Film Makers (Kent)

An historic drama with an excellent use of original locations, costumes and props. The good use of a narrator aids the telling of the complications behind the building of the railway to Westerham in 1881. However the story doesn't end in 1881.

Four Stars BIAFF 2011


Total running time 62 mins. DVD.

Rental fee £7.50

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