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  BIAFF 2012 Top Awards       (Library ref no. 125)

This programme, available on two discs, contains all the major award winners. (There are some films in common with Selection 1 and Selecton 2 - Angels on the Line, Pigeon Post, Daylight and Quieta Non Movere.) There is more than enough choice here for a club programme of high quality films.
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1. Still from the film.ANGELS ON THE RAIL
Moving Pictures (Czech Republic)

Martin protected his deaf brother throughout their childhood but it is harder in the turbulent times of 1944 with Nazism rife in Czechoslovakia. This top award winning film will take up half a club night.

Best Film in the Competition, Winner of the Daily Mail Trophy BIAFF 2012 (article on making it)

54 mins

Still from the film.Stewart Mackay (Wiltshire)

A beautifully told tale of the troubled confusion of remembering the romance of youth.

5 stars, Best British Entry, Best Story, Best Actor - Derek Fowldes BIAFF 2012

30 mins

3. Still from the film.DAYLIGHT
Rochdale Moviemakers (Greater Manchester)

An entertaining tragi-comedy about how even the ways out of our troubles are never easy.

5 stars, Best Film by and Affiliated Club BIAFF 2012.
(article on making it) (preview it online)

Black Comedy
11 mins

4. Still 
      from the movie.QUIETA NON MOVERE
Vito Labalestra (Luxembourg)

As his web article makes clear, this is a quiet, simple, poetic and nostalgic movie about the maker's favourite village where nothing has changed for years.

IAC Diamond, Best Editing BIAFF 2012
(article on making it) (preview it online)

5 mins

5. Still from the film. VINCENT
Berry van der Vorst and Brian Smits (The Netherlands)

A complex and enigmatic tale, intriguingly and imaginatively filmed. Who is the stranger who comes into Vincent's life? What plans has he for Vincent?

IAC Diamond, Best Photography, Most Creative Use of Sound at BIAFF 2012

28 mins

6. Still from the film. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF...
Alan Atkinson (Rugby)

All aspects of an everyday object.

5 stars, Best 60 second Movie at BIAFF 2012

1 mins

7. Still from the film. ASSUMPTION
Alfie Barker (Leeds)

A well-structured story which twists our emotions in subtle ways.

5 stars, Best Under 16 Years, Best Young British Film-maker at BIAFF 2012
(article on making it) (preview it online)

9 mins

8. Still from the film. TRAPPED
Gemma Clarke (Essex)

Two teenagers each express the difficulties of being trapped in their situation, but each has aspirations. All they need is a chance.

4 stars, Best Film in the 16-21 Category at BIAFF 2012

(preview it online)

6 mins

9. Still from the film. SYMBIOSIS
Alexander Herrman (Germany)

Fascinating stop-motion animation as a plasticine man ventures out into a world of metal objects.

4 stars, Best Animation at BIAFF 2012

(article on making it)

6 mins

10. Still from the film. MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE
Alan Atkinson (Rugby)

The science of the visual senses is a difficult subject to film but in Alan's capable hands this produces a fascinating documentary.

5 stars, Best Documentary at BIAFF 2012
(article on making it)

20 mins

11. Still from the film. JUMP
John James, Karen Cherrington, Alan Robinson and Neville Withers (Uxbridge)

An amusing black comedy about a desparate young lady and her guardian angel.

5 stars at BIAFF 2012
(preview it online)

7 mins

Total running time 177 mins. DVD.

Rental fee £7.50

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