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BIAFF 2014 Selections (each 2 discs)      


The BIAFF 2014 selections are presented on seven (yes SEVEN) choices of double disc programmes. All selections except 'Young Faces at BIAFF' include the same Disc 1 which has the major awards. All the compilations will provide a varied and entertaining club evening.

The "making of" articles may provide points for discussion.

The selections are made up as follows:

TOP AWARDS (Library ref no 141) DISC 1 (All 16x9)
DISC 2 (All 16x9)
145 mins
YOUNG FACES AT BIAFF (Library ref no 142) YOUTH DISC 1 (All 16x9)
YOUTH DISC 2 (16x9 and 4x3)
111 mins
SELECTION 1 (Library ref no 143) DISC 1 (All 16x9)
DISC 3 (All 16x9)
168 mins
SELECTION 2 (Library ref no 144) DISC 1 (All 16x9)
DISC 4 (All 16x9)
177 mins
SELECTION 3 (Library ref no 145) DISC 1 (All 16x9)
DISC 5 (All 16x9)
165 mins
SELECTION 4 (Library ref no 146) DISC 1 (All 16x9)
DISC 6 (All 16x9)
169 mins
SELECTION 5 (Library ref no 147) DISC 1 (All 16x9)
DISC 7 (16x9)
163 mins

Compilations by Val Ellis (Video Selector). Reviews by Michael Gough.
Rental fee (each selection) £7.50