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A selection of Gold and Silver Seal winners from the IAC's 1984 International Competition. As well as being the year that the coloured Seals were introduced, this was also the first time that the Amateur and Open classes were judged separately.

1. SUSPICION Roy Spence (Co. Down)
A woman finds a purse left behind in a local telephone box. Looking inside for the owner's address she discovers a photograph of her husband taken while he was with the 'other woman' in his life.
Transfer from 16mm film.
IAC Silver Seal 1984


2. CAN I HAVE A DRAGON, PLEASE? Sue Lloyd (London International Film School)
A colourful, revealing documentary which, after a short historical introduction, shows a tattooist at work as he explains why body decoration is so popular. The removal of tattoos is shown, including a demonstration of the latest techniques employing laser technology.
Transfer from 16mm film.
IAC Silver Seal (Open) 1984


3. THE COLD LIGHT OF DAY Anthony Shaw (London International Film School)
A well-shot and beautifully acted film centred on the home of a young couple in North London. He is fed up with the daily routine and reaches too readily for the booze; she is confused, unhappy and wants to start a family.
Transfer from 16mm film.
IAC Gold Seal (Open) 1984


4. FIRST CONTACT Dale McKenna & Jeff Secor (USA)
The female at the helm finds herself stuck with the two worst male technicians in the Space Fleet as they set out on their long mission to investigate messages allegedly coming from another life-force. A navigational error by one of the crewmen brings them quicker than expected into the very first contact ever with people from another planetary system. Amazing special effects and convincing performances. Specially-written and performed music by Larry Delinger and Peter Morgan. Dale McKenna turned professional after making First Contact.
Transfer from super 8 film.
IAC Gold Seal (Open) 1984 SCI-FI/story 16 min.

SF story
16 min

Total running time 55 min.

Not available for hire at present.

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