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David Coleman (Birmingham)

A free adaptation of the final part of the Old English epic poem Beowulf which attempts to re-create the epic atmosphere of the original, set in a feudal society where men had an absolute duty to serve their King and to die for him if necessary. In his turn, the King was expected to be generous and, through strength, be determined to keep his nation at peace. The rich tapestries, which hang in King Beowulf's Dark Ages royal 'mead-hall' - painted by Lesley Mackinnon on a bit of old tablecloth - depict the legendary exploits of the King's youth. Made with financial help from the University of Birmingham Guild of Graduates. Old English readings by Professor F.W. Schulze, Mainz University, West Germany.
Transfer from super 8 film.
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A very free reworking of the Rumpelstiltskin tale in the 'collection' of the Brothers Grimm, who likewise adapted and retold their various sources to produce their well-known version. David got his idea from an essay he was writing at university on various approaches to the interpretation and classification of folk tales. The narrator is as much part of the film as the characters in vision and the story-line is every bit as arbitrary as in any folk tale. David warns, 'What you make of this film is first and foremost up to you!'.
Transfer from super 8 film.


Running time 31 mins.

Unavailable for hire at present.

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