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Group 5 Film Unit (Aberdeen)

Like Donald of the Colours, these successful movies have not previously been available from the IAC Film & Video Library. Transferred from restored 16mm prints donated by the late Ron Miller, FACI, they are full of boyish enthusiasm and, in the case of Vortex, amazing special effects ...

A tale of school rivalry centred round the swimming-pool activity of diving under water in the deep end for coins (large pre-decimal pennies). Right, of course, triumphs over evil, but not before a race against time has taken place, because the hero has been shut in a hamper and carted away by train to prevent him taking part in the competition.
Ten Best Gold Star 1969


Professor Stephen, leader of a team of scientists, discovers that his son, Alan, has been kidnapped, together with another young lad, Richard. In order to secure the boys' release, the scientists are forced to hand over a new serum which is being developed to make patients immune to the side effects of radiation treatment. The flask, however, is booby-trapped with a time-delayed explosive charge ...  Featuring helicopters, aeroplanes and a submarine; full of staggering visual effects, daring stunts and fights; and made with the assistance of the Royal Navy, the Royal Air Force and British European Airways. Written and edited by Ron Miller, FACI, and directed by Frederick W. McLeod.
Ten Best Gold Star 1972

Donated by the estate of the writer/director, Ron Miller FACI using stae-of-the-art technology to eliminate negative wear and colour loss.


Total running time 60 min.

Not available for hire at present.

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