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Matthew Nathan (London)
These two films are typical of the splendid coverage that this maker achieved in his post-war period of film-making. They are a valuable addition to the IAC Film & Video Library archives.

It is Easter Sunday 1958 and at the climax of Mass in Florence Cathedral a rocket-propelled 'dove' flies along a wire from the altar to ignite a cartload of fireworks in the square outside. The film also shows Giotto's Campanile, with its wonderful view of the city; the Bargello Museum and the Uffizi Gallery; scenes by the Arno and on the terrace of the Boboli Gardens (where the Feast of the Crickets is held); and the May Music Festival.
Transfer from 16mm film.


Filmed in 1958, this shows some of the picturesque mediaeval and Renaissance festivals still celebrated in Tuscany. These include the Giuoco del Calcio in Florence, a famous series of three traditional football games in 16th-century costume; the Palio delle Contrade at Siena (probably the only horse-race which can be won by a mount that has lost its rider); the Boat Race at Pisa, between teams representing Italy's ancient maritime republics; and the Giostra del Saracino at Arezzo, a joust in mediaeval dress.
Transfer from 16mm film.


Total running time 36 mins.

Not available for hire at present.

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