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UNICA 2008 (Tunisia) - UK PROGRAMME       (Library ref no. 106)

Each year IAC chooses a programme of films to represent the United Kingdom's non-professional film makers at the UNICA world film festival. This is our selection for 2008.
Still from the 'Intro'.INTRO
by Brian Dunckley

The humorous introduction for the British programme has long been a popular item at UNICA and does a lot to pave the way for light-hearted films in the programme. For several years these have been created by Brian Dunckley. This is one of a series with a James Bond theme.

2. Still from 'Heatwave'. HEATWAVE
Alan Atkinson (Great Britain)

Once again our own Chairman, Alan Atkinson brings his hero Walter Ruddles to the screen to save the world. This time the threat is from a unique form of global warming, manipulated by a power crazed one-eyed villain. Half the fun is in recognising the Hollywood heroes that are spoofed so effectively in this special effects comedy.

(article on making the film) The film received a UNICA Silver Medal.



3. AN AMATEUR AUTEURStill from 'An Amateur Auteur'.
Anna & Paul Kittel (Bucks)

A tribute to Peter Kittel, amateur film maker, which included family memories and a potted history of amateur film making in Britain as seen through the eyes of one enthusiast.

(article on making the film)



4. Still from 'In the National Interest'.IN THE NATIONAL INTEREST
Phil Martin (Great Britain)

Based on a true story involving a secret meeting of the British Joint Intelligence Committee in 1942 this wonderfully intelligent film portrays the chilling reality of political decision making.

(article on making the film) The film received a UNICA Gold Medal.



5. FOLLOW THE ARROWStill from 'Follow the Arrow'.
The Jones Family (Kent)

A young man, a lawnmower and a mysterious arrow.

  1 min

6. SEX BOMBStill from 'Sex Bomb'.
Brian Dunckley (Newcastle)

When a new porn video arrives, he just cannot wait to try it.


Total running time 59 mins. DVD

Price 7.50.

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