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From IAC Chairman, John Howden FACI

Reference Coronavirus and BIAFF

As you are undoubtedly aware most events in the UK have been cancelled or postponed.
In response to the government edicts this week the decision has been taken to postpone BIAFF 2020 scheduled for May 8-10.
We have a provisional booking for the Festival to take place on October 16-18 at the same hotel in Stratford upon Avon, the Doubletree by Hilton. Details of this will be available in due course.
I am very sorry to have to send this message but rest assured that I will do my best to make sure that BIAFF happens in one form or another and that your films will form a very important part of that event.
The competition results were sent out at the end of March, and are all on the BIAFF website.
Keep safe and well.



UNICA2020 logo   UNICA 2021 will NOT happen in the UK

Further message from John Howden - 3rd April 2020
In my previous announcement I made a veiled promise that I was hopeful that the IAC MIGHT host UNICA 2021 in the place of UNICA 2020. The IAC Council has now debated this proposal and has decided that the Institute, with regret, cannot host UNICA 2021. Therefore UNICA 2020 and UNICA 2021 will not be taking place in the UK.
However please make a note in your diaries about BIAFF 2020 and the IAC AGM which are provisionally set for October 16-18 2020. Look out for details of this on both the IAC and BIAFF websites.
John Howden FACI, IAC Chairman
UNICA2020 logo   UNICA 2020 is cancelled

Given the current uncertainty world-wide concerning coronavirus, the IAC has regretfully decided that it would be very difficult to run UNICA 2020 as originally planned.
We are very sad about this since we were looking forward to welcoming you to the delights of Birmingham and the many films that we would have seen.
It is therefore my sad duty to give you the news that UNICA 2020, scheduled for August 8 - 16, is cancelled.
Arrangements about your Congress Card bookings will be sent to you and, if you have already booked travel and hotels, please remember to cancel those as well.
That is the bad news, now for some better news. The IAC is in discussion about 2021 and we hope to make an announcement about that very soon. I am very hopeful that UNICA in the UK will happen, in the meantime stay safe and well.
John Howden FACI, IAC Chairman.

A message from UNICA President, Dave Watterson

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UNICA information   UNICA 2019 was a wonderful celebration of films and friendship

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