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Miscellaneous Ads

Anything  related to A-V, ciné or video.  Send details to webmaster@theiac.org.uk.  Include an email contact if possible.  IAC offers no guarantees about these.
Check here for equipment for sale and wanted.

Neil Ansell - Urban Explorer Do you live in or near Weymouth and have video skills? I am an urban explorer(urban explorers explore abandoned buildings). I'm looking for someone to collaborate on making a documentary series for Youtube about urbexers, showing the risks and the adrenaline rush explorers get from doing this.
If you are interested check out my channel on YouTube. It is called Abandoned Explorer. Contact me by email.
I look forward to hearing from you - Neil Ansell

BOB CHAMBERS I am a composer with royalty free music online. I run a website http://www.bobsongsmusic.com offering music for movies, video, slideshows etc. I have 3 cds available at present which are available to buy and use "royalty free". The tracks are also available individually as mp3 downloads. I am also interested in getting involved with individual projects as a composer.

I look forward to hearing from you - Bob Chambers


Finding UK venues for our national events has been getting harder.  Since many of you attend events run by other organisations, perhaps you can pass on details of any suitable places?

The essential requirements are:

  • reasonably accessible from all parts of the country (decent road/rail connections)
  • about 80 - 100 bedrooms
  • ceilings high enough to allow screens to be raised so that everyone can see
  • 4 or 5 rooms suitable for mini cinemas seating about 40 people each
  • 1 room large enough to stage the main awards shows (250 people), festival dinner etc.
  • a catering facility that allows delegates to be served promptly.

Please email details of any possible venue to the IAC Office.


Pedro Celli has regular changes of sample tracks available to download from his website: www.pedro-celli.de/index_eng.htm

Pedro says: "I hope you will listen and enjoy my compositions. Best wishes - Pedro Celli (composer - music producer)"
PS: TREASURE OF ALBION successful at BAFTA in London on March the 7th 2007 Find out more and listen to the principal theme from the score: Click here.

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