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Seriac Festival is back

Closing date for entries 31st January 2016

Download an entry form here

A grant has been received from the IAC to allow us to offer tickets at half price now only 5.00 which will include our special buffet. In addition we will be sending an admission free ticket to IAC SERIAC members if in their first two years of membership in April 2016.

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Cover image and link to SERIAC News Sep-Oct 2015.
Sep - Oct 2015
Cover image and link to SERIAC News BIAFF Special 2015.
BIAFF Special 2015
Cover image and link to SERIAC News May-Jun 2015.
May - June 2015

Don't forget if you would like more information, just pick up the phone and ring.
Contact for the Region: Brenda Troughton
Tel. 020 8462 2822 or email: iac-seriac@hotmail.com